Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

May you be blessed with the New, finding at least a little more of what you hope and a lot more of the possible ~ with blessings

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Joys

Reflections on this holiday:
1) Having well-behaved grandchildren around is amazing. What fun!
2) Have no expectations about gifts ~ the 6-year old is the one who is fascinated by the Pooh books I gave to the 3-year-old. Delightful to be reading those words from Milne again after all these years. And to a really appreciative audience. 
3) Always try: I put snowshoes on both little ones and they worked! They will get better and better. Grandpa had "plowed" a path on his snowshoes and we plowed a short path of our own. 
4) The three-year-old is fascinated by the nativity scene and the characters - especially the three kings. We've had numerous conversations. 
5) Adult daughters are wonderful ~ especially when she and her husband cook, often and creatively!
6) You never get tired of hearing, "I love you with all my heart." ~ blessings

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all ~ 

Christmas Eve

It is good to remember I believe that Mary didn't realize it was "Christmas Eve". Mary knew only birth. Did the stable even register except for a place finally to lie down? Was Joseph wise enough to find the mid-wife? Or did he, bless him, have to help with the delivery himself? We have so colored and painted and rarified this night that we forget that when new life comes into the world, it is a messy business. Birthing mothers know only the present moment, every single push, every breath, every pain and finally the glorious relief of the first cry. There is no sense of history, of changing the world. That comes later after the shepherds and the kings have departed, after the angel choirs have ended their song and the night sky is normal again with no extraordinary star. Then the mother looks at this tiny new human she holds in her arms and wonders if the Promise just Might Be True. It is the wonder of every mother of all times ~ and may that wonder never cease. ~ blessings 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Cereal Maker

Delightful holiday party last night. I turned to the man next to me in the buffet line and asked what he did for the company. He grinned and said he was there with his son (in whispered confidence: probably the designated driver) and he worked for Ralston Purina. And what do you do there, I asked. "I make cereal. I am in flaking. We prepare, bake, sweeten. It is more complicated than most people realize. For instance, all of those ingredients and vitamins listed on the box - they have to be in there." 

Amazing. How often have we said, "oh, I have just a bowl of cereal for breakfast." Just - a bowl of cereal. And behind every flake is Bob or one of his co-workers, testing, tasting making sure that we Like that bowl of cereal and that we don't get cheated because every vitamin listed is in there! Thank you, Bob! ~ with blessings

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter storm

There is something very primitive and passionate about a winter storm. Here in the mountains, wind comes with a storm any time of year. When there is already a number of inches of snow on the ground, roofs and pine boughs, the wind creates another phenomenon. First of course it howls. The falling snow "falls" horizontally. Then the snow on roofs and trees shakes loose and thumps, plops and crashes into sides of houses, windows and onto decks. Outside is alive with power. 

Inside we snuggle warmly in our beds and listen ~ and are touched somewhere deep, deep inside in a place that recalls the ancient collective consciousness of the human race. Are the gods angry? Will the sun rise again? What must I do to be safe and appease this power that throws itself against my dwelling? 

And then into the consciousness comes another sound: the furnace. Ahhhh -- back to the 21st century. Snuggle in more closely, shiver with the power of it all, and back to sleep in gratitude ~ with blessings 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Literature come to life

"The moon on the crest of the new fallen snow
gave a luster of midday to objects below . . . "
Clement Moore, " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

'Twas midnight and the dogs wanted out. I opened the door on 
Moore's poetic reflection. It had been snowing off and on all day
and just for a moment, the clouds had parted and the full moon
lit the snowy woods like a fairy land.

The snow glistened. The dogs wandered. I stood transfixed in
sheer enjoyment and at peace with it all. Once in a while literature
comes to life and we learn where our favorite authors find their
inspiration. May you find yours ~ with blessings

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Still run light cues

Years ago in my professional life, I would stage manage a ballet company's production of "The Nutcracker" every December. 

This morning I was listening to a music station playing lots of traditional holiday music. Although busy doing something else I was suddenly aware that I was calling light cues in my head -- because they were playing selections from Nutcracker. It is amazing to me that I still remember such things. 

Is it any wonder that "tradition" means so much to us at this time of year? If I can still call light cues which have nothing to do with religion, spirituality, or the blessedness of the season, I can understand why many of us (me included) want certain things to be the same year after year when the holidays come around ~ blessings

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I love Everything about Christmas! I love Baby Jesus. I love Santa Claus. I love the Solstice and the Light returning to the world. I love shopping for people I love. I love carols. I love sitting in the light of my Christmas tree and just being. 

This year we have found "the perfect place" for the tree: in a small solarium just off the living room. The tree is framed by the doors and when it is dark outside, the tree glows. 

Every Christmas tree is perfect - and this one especially so: grandchildren helped find it, cut it, decorate it ~ and bless it with their wondering gaze. I am so blessed and will probably say that in this space several times over the next few weeks. ~ blessings to you as well

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old Fogey

OK ~ I am officially an old fogey, conservative and prim. *sigh* 

Looking for a tv show to "watch" - something I knew so well, I could have it on while doing something else. "When the Grinch Stole Christmas" - perfect. I even have the dvd, and this would be fine - delightful Christmas music and Boris Karloff narration while I worked. So I turned to that channel. 

I saw two commercials: one for a violent, "killing" toy and one for a woman's intimate product --- during a showing of "The Grinch". I know the marketing ploy: kids are watching and will want to buy the toy and moms sometimes watch with them and will want to by the product. *sigh* Like I said - officially an old fogey. ~ ah well ~ with blessings ~ 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

from Presence to Silence

Grandchildren. They are amazing! And when they are with you, they fill your house, your space and your being with Joy and noise and questions and energy. And when they leave, there is Silence. 

Not only is there silence that comes from no noise or questions. There is also silence in the body as the adrenalin fades: the adrenalin of having them present, of being somewhat responsible even though parents are around too, of being present yourself to every nuance and appearance. All that bodily energy leaves as you close the door behind them and there is . . . Silence. 

Delightful chaos. Delightful silence. Both wonderful and fun and Joyful ~ and it is time for a nap ~ with blessings

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love conversation

Three-year old granddaughter looks at me and says, "I love you with all my heart." 

And then she says, "I love Tessie (the dog) with all my heart." 

And thus began a discussion of the heart of Love being big enough to love parents, grandparents, pets, aunts, uncles, and others with "all our hearts". Love that knows no boundaries yet - unconditional and non-judgmental. She loves the world and all its amazing creatures with her bountiful heart. 

Would that we all could continue to love in that amazing way! ~ blessings

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Blessings and Gratitude to all who find their way here on this Thanksgiving Day. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last night my women's group had a gratitude circle. We brought items for the altar that were symbolic of those things for which we are thankful. "Profoundly thankful" someone said. We had an opening meditation to ground us in gratitude and breathe it into the world. After we had each shared our altar piece, we took a moment of silence and wrote a note of gratitude to that woman. We had been told before hand to be thinking of each other and what gifts she brings to us. 

The positive, uplifting energy of a circle of people being in gratitude is amazing. The whole evening was one of Light and Love and Grace as we shared from our hearts. This morning (or sometime) we have each read the notes from our sisters and felt again the gratitude not only flowing from our hearts to the world but also to us from those we love and cherish. May you be aware of your gratitude circle this Thanksgiving however widespread it is ~ blessings

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shades of history

I heard a conservative commentator last night. She was all undone because match making internet sites might be "forced" (her word) to allow gay and lesbian couples access. "Forced." It has dawned on me who she sounds like.

I am old enough to remember comments like these in the 50's, 60's and 70's: "No one is going to force my child to go to school with . . . "  "No one is going to force me to eat at the same restaurant . . . drink at the same water fountain . . . ride next to on the bus . . . attend the same club with . . .!" Pick your place. You get the picture. 

It is interesting that this unrest should happen on the heels of the election of our first African-American President. Well, why not? With Obama's election, Fear lost. The fear of the years of the Civil Rights Movement went away. And fear doesn't like to lose. So ~ another issue bubbles up to tell people they are being "forced". Commentators talk of people being "fearful" - they express their own fear and try to pawn it off on us - Fear is fighting hard for this one. And just like it was left behind in the wake of this election, it will finally be left behind now. The sooner the better of course ~ with blessings 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being Present

I have been clearing out boxes of things that I thought I could not live without - brought them to CA - laid them out - packed them again for a remodel - and now I am clearing again. And guess what? I can live without them. 

They have been in boxes for two years and I have lived without them for two years - and so I have recycled a big bag of paper. Of course I am keeping pictures and things that might have historical value.

As much as I like telling family stories, as much of a pack rat I am, I am also realizing I am a present person and at this point in my life, if it doesn't have anything to do with who I am now, out it goes. It feels good, freeing and light. And it helps center me in my present moment. ~ blessings

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real Housewives of North Lake Tahoe

Confession: I have never watched "Real Housewives" of Anywhere. I have seen blurbs and I have been told: botox, nips and tucks, jewels, designer clothes and conversation so
shallow it would make an 8th grader blush. If I disparage falsely, I apologize.

However, yesterday when I went on a hike with two friends (who have seen this show), we talked about our lives - as real housewives of North Lake Tahoe. It began with
a comparison of hiking boots and which ones are best for this time of year and what we wear to hike in the snow before there is enough snow for snowshoeing.

At one point my "designer" vest was mentioned. Well, I am so not into the ski scene that I didn't even know it was designer -- and I bought it several years ago at a ski swap for $20 or less. So - we shop at ski swaps - and outlets. Our cosmetic routine is best
if it includes sun block - year round at this altitude.

Our conversation included a very erudite discussion of whether Hillary should be Secretary of State: does she have the temperament? Would she have more power from the Senate? If not her, who? Fascinating conversation.

And our jewels? Ah, our jewels . . . absolutely Gorgeous views of the lake from the trail. Broad expanse of deep blue water shimmering until a spectacular arch of dazzling blue sky, separated by green mountains beginning to be topped with a dash of white snow glistening like diamonds in the sun.

Just to be clear: we are real too. It's just that no one will make a tv show of our lives. We shop at Costco; our husbands spend their Saturdays gathering and splitting wood for winter fires; we attend women's groups that include meditation and conversation about everything from parents with Altzheimer's to baby showers. When we party, we
party at each others' homes. We are the real housewives of North Lake Tahoe. We are such fun! :) ~ tea and blessings

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How right-handed am I?

I Think I am right-handed. Have never written with my left hand. Use my right hand for emphasis and for most things. So - basically right-handed . . . until my left wrist is in a brace and my left thumb is Sore. Then I realize how Fortunate I am to have two hands. 

Our refrigerator sits so that I open the door with my right hand, reach in and pick up the milk, the OJ, the butter with my left. Except now I am having to judge if what I am reaching for is too heavy for my left hand. I have discovered I tend to carry in my left hand, balancing the weighted object with my right. Swept the deck this morning and found out that although I maneuver the broom with my right, my left normally works hard as well. *sigh* 

So - gratitude for two hands both of which work hard and help the other. And gratitude for the healing in the left. And special thanks for the "extra" hands that pitch in to lift and pull until both of mine are back. 

Makes me very aware of how fortunate I am that most things in this body are still up and running ~ with tea and blessings

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A friend who will be staying with us called this morning and said he understood that I was going to be my usual "gracious self". Meaning, I was going to welcome them into the house, share home and food and caring with them. Absolutely. 

Strangely, this call came in the middle of a conversation with D about another friend who was missing something in a transaction D had witnessed. We decided the missing piece was graciousness. Grace if you will. 

Grace is so important. It is that character trait that welcomes, that thanks, that shares. It is So Easy to offer. A smile, a pat on the back, a thank you (even if you have paid for the work done), ~ and it costs us nothing except the moment of our time in which we smile or say the words. What a joy to be able to share something so simple and So Necessary to another's well-being as Grace. All we have to do is be. . . gracefully ~ with tea and blessings

Monday, November 10, 2008

Keeping Sabbath

A friend's recent experience has me thinking again about the importance of keeping Sabbath. Having been in church all my life, when I moved to the mountains, we had no church. That was fine with me as long as I could keep Sabbath. Have some time of rest, of reflection, of meditation, of connection with the Divine. 

Then we found the perfect church for us so I kept Sabbath in the more traditional way: Sunday services, hymns, prayers, sermons, scripture and dance. 

Later the pastor retired and after 7 months of being in charge of services and making sure we had someone to fill the pulpit every Sunday and for special services, I decided to take a few weeks off. By the third Sunday, I was aware that in all my life no one had ever told me Sundays could be like this.

My Sundays became quiet, restful, gentle and centered and have remained so. I meditate. I reflect. In winter I sit in front of the fire. In summer, on the deck. Sometimes I sit. Sometimes we walk or hike. Even if I do these things on other days of the week, on Sundays they take on a different quality.

Everyone's Sabbath may be different as well. What works for me may not work for you. The point is that you find time to spend with the Divine - time to listen to your own soul and the Soul of the Universe. ~ may you find that time with blessings

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morning Musings

Clean, clear, fresh air! There is nothing like it. It chills the cheeks, fills the lungs and offers a hint of spring even though you know that winter is only beginning. There are about 3 inches of snow on the path we walk through the woods. Less today than yesterday and warming fast. The smell of pine mingles with the clarity of clear. Glorious morning walk!

The work of the election begins - now that the election itself is over. A Cabinet and other advisors need to be chosen. The work of Bi-Partisanship needs to be started. And all of us who stood in lines for hours, who were so excited about this election, no matter which side we were on, need to remember that no one can do all this alone. Our time has come - to write our representatives and Senators, to go to work in our towns and communities, on school boards and councils, to become involved. Remember, the mantra was "Yes, we can."

Watching dogs in the snow - even 3 inches of it - is sheer delight and joy! What a pleasure. They run. They roll. They drink from the creek that is flowing for the first time since mid-July. They are Present. What fun! 

A surprise IM chat with a daughter is delightful. So nice to be connected. Technology makes some things just plain wonderful. ~ with tea and blessings ~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What an Amazing country!

We did indeed make history yesterday and what I will remember is the sea of faces standing in a Chicago park waving American flags and cheering. There were faces of all colors, shapes and topped with all shades of hair color. Some faces were famous: Jesse Jackson standing tall in the midst of delightful chaos, serene and strong with tears pouring down his face. Oprah Winfrey - not there as a celebrity - there as an American, her chin tucked on the shoulder of a friend, with amazement and joy in her eyes. Most faces were -- faces. American faces. Running the spectrum of color, age, genetic and cultural heritage. American faces. Bound together by the continuing hope and founding dream that, "Yes, we can."   ~ blessings

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love Christmas

. . . after Thanksgiving! 

*sigh* I just heard my first Christmas carol commercial on tv - "Deck the Halls" - a carol I love and enjoy singing -- but NOT on the Monday before Election Day in early November. The Friday after Thanksgiving - terrific! Today -- no way -- even if it is for a product I enjoy and the first snow of the season is thinking about falling. ~ tea and blessings

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Purple Mountains Majesty

Early this morning we walked to the top of our hill to look toward the lake as the sun rose. The clouds turned fire red. Over the lake was a deep pink with a grey brushed in with a light touch. D says, "I love it when the lake turns pink and the mountains are purple." "Purple mountains majesty", I said and started to cry. 

We live in such an amazing country -- and as exciting as this presidential race has been, I am tired of it and feel like we, Americans, stretching from "sea to shining sea" and beyond are being divided by those who claim they would lead us. I am tired of being told I am not a "real" American. 

I am a Real American - who chose to vote for Obama. I am a Real American - part of the heartland even though I live on the edge of a lake in California because America is my heart land. I am a Real American - who has believed for a long time that gender should not matter and if women were going to break the glass ceiling then we had to take our lumps as well as our successes. I am a Real American - with an MA and more who raised her children to judge by character and not by color, to value education, to work hard and to love this country as the greatest in the world -- where we can speak our minds, declare our differences, cheer our successes and help each other when catastrophe strikes. 

I am a Real American - who has friends of all races, genders, economics, religions and geographical location. I am a Real American - who believes that we all have the freedom to speak our minds and so I allow others to do that -- and allowing doesn't always mean liking what I hear -- and it does mean I have the freedom to speak too. And so I do - as a Real American. That calls for a cup of tea ~ and blessings

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Middle of the night thoughts

I like sleep. Sleep is good. And I don't think I need as much of it as I did. Except of course last night I slept and slept and slept and it was wonderful. And tonight I am awake in the middle of the night ~ really awake. Writing in my blog - thinking - and even when my head is calm, I am awake. Guess I will pull another mystery from the shelf or do another crossword and drift . . .

We have a dog with heart problems and I have finally come to realize he has good days and bad days and for now the good days Far outnumber the bad ones. So - I have settled into his medical routine and am grateful for all the good ones. 

Looking forward to having grandkids around for Halloween. Am planning some fun decorations and cooking activities. Will have the camera handy of course. 

Maybe a cup of herbal tea to soothe and settle the soul ~ with blessings

Friday, October 24, 2008

Never too late to learn

So - this morning we got out the muffin batter so D could have his fresh bran muffins. He sprays the muffin cups and says "put them in the microwave for a minute and then in the oven." I threw up my hands and left him to it. 

Well, 1 minute in the microwave and 10 in the oven (11 minutes in all instead of the usual 20 - 30 in the oven) and they were Great. "Have you never done that?" he asks with wonder in his voice. No, dear one, I have never done that. *sigh* And I will from now on -- how nice to know I can still learn tricks in the kitchen. ~ blessings

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Years ago two of my cousins sent me a recipe for bran muffins - very simple, very easy, and the batter stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to six weeks. Well, I can't prove that because as long as I have had the recipe, no family configuration has Ever let this batter stay in the fridge for longer than three. 

The point being - my young first family Loved the muffins. Now my second family love the muffins. I have them on hand when we have company or when D & I are facilitating an overnight meeting. I have begun to add more raisins, nuts, other fruits, seeds and whole wheat flour. Unless of course Daughter #2 is going to be partaking and then I go back to the basic recipe. Otherwise I get told off -- for a Very non-traditional woman, there are some things from one's childhood tradition that Must stay the same! 

This morning however the seedy, fruity muffin batter was stirred up in short order and D will have fresh hot bran muffins every morning for a while. Maybe that's why we have such trouble changing: traditions, like bran muffins, are comfortable and tasty. ~ blessings

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Phew - it is done. I have voted. I have taken my vote by mail ballot, sat with it, studied the propositions some more just to be sure I remembered them -- and voted. Done. Over. 

I was surprised to find myself more fiscally conservative than I thought I was. Maybe that is a present moment, present economy thing. I am as socially liberal as I have always been. 

And I voted for history -- which we will all do regardless of which party we vote. 

And it is Done -- now I can relax and let other folks worry and fret for the next two weeks - done. 

~ time for a cup of tea with blessings ~ 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mint jelly

I have "discovered" mint jelly. Now I have known and eaten mint jelly for years -- if someone was serving lamb. The other day I thought - mint jelly. I would like some even if we are not having lamb. And so I bought some. 

Well, I have eaten with almost every meal since. With chicken pot pie, chicken spaghetti and this morning on toast with tea and toast. Goodness. It is light, refreshing, gives just a hint of sweet to go with the savory of the meat or veggies. 

I am sure this obsession will calm down and it will soon be used on a more ordinary basis and it will be long time before my breakfast toast goes bare again. Delicious. 

~ tea and blessings

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pleased as Punch

I used this well-worn phrase this morning and wondered from whence it came. So I googled it. 

Check it out if you have any interest in words, language, their history, usage and origins. Delightful. ~ off for a morning cup of tea, with blessings ~ 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First tooth!

That cold blog has been there too long -- and even with no energy still and my brain not working, there is fun news that makes for much better reading . . . (Numbers are based on their placement in the age progression)
# 8 grandchild lost his first tooth yesterday! Actually the first call came as he and his mom were leaving the school where she works and he attends. I was the first to know that his tooth was loose. How exciting! Then they called again last night to say it had come out - not only come out but he had pulled it Himself!! That's a really big deal. 
My memory is that the first looseness and the actual pulling are separated by several days to a week or so. Not in the this case. 
His three-year old sister decided she had Two loose teeth and the Fairy would visit her as well with a frog purse and $200! Oh, my -- 
Homecoming Dance pictures arrived from two teenage grandkids (# 1 and 3) - and they are no longer a little boy and girl rather a young man and young woman between the last time we saw them and now. Amazing!  
They do grow up -- and it is So Exciting to share in their stories - blessings

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Observations on The Cold

1) There is no "just" to a cold. Next time you are tempted to say, "it is just a cold" - remember there is no "just" to a cold. You are sick. Be gentle with yourself.
2) After a couple of rough days and nights, it is so nice to wake in the middle of the night and realize you have actually been asleep and breathing through Both nostrils!
3) Friends are amazing. I had to postpone lunch with two women this week - I didn't feel like going and they really didn't want me around. Both of them asked what they could do, did I need anything, please call if they could bring me anything or do anything for me. So Special. 
4) We have  a set of deck furniture that comes inside to a window nook in the den for winter. We were going to move it in this weekend before the snow. Yesterday I schlep into the living room and there it is - D has moved it inside by himself and when I thank him, says, "no problem." Bless him. Yes, it is still in the living room and will take two sets of hands to move down to the den. No matter. I will be up to doing that by this afternoon or tomorrow. The important thing is that it was inside when we woke to our first dusting of snow. 
That makes it time for hot tea - blessings ~ 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am such a grandmother

This week I had an opportunity to peruse pictures of fifty gorgeous young men - one from each state - with an opportunity to vote for the one I thought the most gorgeous. Now I have always appreciated male beauty and have always been aware it has nothing to do with age - just hormones. I mean there Is Something about a man in a kilt even if he is the 15 year old bell hop at a lovely hotel in Canada. :) 

However, as I made my way through the pictures of these handsome young men I realized I was reacting to them in the same way I had just reacted to my grandson's senior pictures. They are so "grown up" -- yes, they are handsome. And they are So Young. I know I just said they were grown up and that phrase comes from knowing them as boys and seeing the man emerge. All of these lovely young males are emerging men ~ and this grandmother, while appreciative of how handsome they are ~ can still see them as little boys with skinned knees and string in their pockets. I will let the younger women do the voting. I will just grin at how grown up they are. ~ blessings

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Aromas of childhood

We had rain over the weekend; lots of rain for the mountains. We live in the middle of a pine forest and for two days the aroma in the air has been of wet pine trees. When I was a little girl, my Texas family would spend summers at my grandmother's in the pines of North Carolina. 

And so today I walked out on my deck and was suddenly 5, surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins; playing with my mother in the sandy yard of the cabin; racing down the dusty road; walking barefoot with my uncle to his garden; carefree and happy, surrounded by the love of an extraordinary family -- all because of the aroma of the wet pines and the memories that evokes. Delightful ~ blessings

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Amazed and delighted

I wasn't even sure how to title this one. I am 65 years old and I do believe this is the First time in my life that Congress has been so determined to do something and then listened to the voice of the people and Not done it! They voted with and for us, folks! Amazing. (I know, they are all up for reelection.) That little aside is immaterial. They did it! Now they may come back today and vote differently -- and for just a little while, they did it! They have this moment to look back on with pride and say, we did what the large majority of our constituents asked us to do. Yay, Congress! 

My goodness -- how often have we said That since July 4th, 1776? 

~ big grins and blessings ~ 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Silly but true

Time is funny once in a while. I do laundry on Mondays. No particular reason except it has to be done some time and Mondays is as good as any and gets it over with. Except today is Sunday and I am doing laundry. D leaves for a four day business trip in the morning and it occurred to me that maybe he would need some clean clothes to take with him -- so I asked -- he was appreciative -- so I am doing laundry on Sunday. And it is going to throw my entire week off balance. 

Tomorrow will be Tuesday and I will expect to have a phone class -- which I won't have until the real Tuesday arrives -- and if D is due home on Thursday, shouldn't he be home today which is Really Wednesday but feels like Thursday except the Farmers' Market is tomorrow -- silly, silly, silly. 

Maybe, having written about it and become aware of it, it will balance out and tomorrow will be Monday after all. ~ blessings and laughter 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn in the blood

Last night as I was putting away laundry I looked at some of the clothes I was hanging back in the closet: hmmm - probably won't wear the light white capris again. Time to put away some of the more summery Ts. And sure enough this morning I am in jeans, blouse and a cotton sweater that has hung in the closet all summer. There's a new fleece warm-up suit just aching to be worn. And the heavy green cotton shirt from my daughter with all the Pooh characters romping through fall leaves. I'm ready! 

Changing seasons may mean reflecting on time passing, growing older, deeper more philosophical questions. Or it may mean a delighted look at the closet to see what hasn't been worn for a while, what was bought at an end-of-the-season sale and hung way back. 

My toes will remain cool for a while as I loathe to give up sandals. I do have Earth Shoes that here in Tahoe I can wear with socks and still be fashionable. (I just sent one daughter into a fashion tizzy!)  Those will come out later. Shoes with toes arrive only after it gets Really Cold or there is snow on the ground. 

Philosophy will come later. For now ~ fall fashions delight! ~ blessings

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop

No, not the cereal. The first home fire of the season. :)

The tingle of yesterday morning became the chill of this morning and so D went to the shop for some kindling. I brought in some wood from the deck. Now we sit in the enveloping warmth and vision of our first morning fire. 

This is an indication of a definite change. Mornings will support a fire until about late June now. The morning fire brings peace, contemplation and a time to sit for just a few minutes before the busy-ness of the day begins. We sit with our journals - and in my case this morning, my blog - and plan, reflect and enjoy. I send these thoughts your way with ~ blessings

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Weather is Changing

This time of year our mountains experience 40 degree temperature shifts - cool at night, warm to hot in the middle of the day. Last night the temperature dropped lower than it has been. Even with the windows closed, I wore fuzzy socks because my feet were just too cold. This morning I walked onto the deck and the breeze had a touch in it - a feeling - a shiver that announces a change. In 'Mary Poppins' the wind changes: a shift in the Universe, the arrival of the nanny whose presence upsets the normal order of things. Mountain summer is drawing to a close. The sun will still shine and warm the mid-day air. The nights will move from cooler to cold so that the days will require a jacket or more fleece. The grocery store talk will soon turn from bees to the first snow. Hikers and boaters will give way to impatient skiers waiting for that first flake to fall. The changing wind foresees the coming winter. ~ blessings

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Aroma of Rain

The mountains around Tahoe tend to stay dry from the last snow of spring until the first snow of fall. And  . . . once in while it rains. This afternoon the rain came. At first a few drops - then enough to hear -- and finally enough to smell. Oh, my. Shades of childhood summers in North Carolina pine forests. Anticipation of the arriving autumn. The richness of the earth and air blended together by the scattered drops of rain. The temperature is cooler, the air is fresher and life seems just a little brighter. ~ blessings

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living the news

There was a huge train wreck in LA Friday afternoon. This morning my husband was reading the names of the dead and he knew one of the men. Now in this case, it had been a long time since they had been in touch and actually D's first wife probably knew him better than D did. Still - the news comes into our living room and into our lives. 

Over the years my family has been touched in some way or another by enough news stories that I have come to realize we are all connected. Sometimes, as in this case, it is a name from the past. Other times it has been up close and personal: a high school boy friend, a good friend, a business associate. And every time it reminds me that we need to pick up a paper, listen to the news, hear the story knowing that for all those meaningless names, there are families, loved ones, even distant acquaintances who are caring, grieving, knowing their lives will never be quite the same. 

Just the fact of our awareness can add to the support for those who are living the news -- blessings

Friday, September 12, 2008


My daughter and I live in separate states and so we have a pact: if someone knocks on our door and says, "evacuate", we Will evacuate. No questions. Grab the pets, the computer and Go. Simple. We will go and return over and over again if necessary. I will never understand the decision to stay and may God bless those Texans in their decisions to stay. ~ blessings

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh, how I wish I had a picture. Sitting on the deck this morning, all was quiet when the birds suddenly became upset. I glanced up and there he was, circling. His wing span looked Huge against the clear blue sky. He circled, low and slowly - letting the thermals help him drift. Then he would need to flap so he would exert some effort and move a little higher and float again. Around and around. Just there, in the blue between the trees. Occasionally he would move behind a tree only to reappear as the circle grew larger, smaller, larger again. To move inside for the camera would have been to take my eyes off of him and I was too fixated. 

And so we moved together. He was floating, circling, enjoying the breeze and at the same time on the lookout for small creatures below. I remained sitting while my soul rode his back into the blue until I lost him to the forest ~ and the smaller birds returned to their business in the quiet and safety of home. ~ blessings

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making history II

I am already tired of politics. And I feel compelled to say one more thing re: the election. Don't vote for Sarah Palin as a substitute for voting for Hillary Clinton. Palin stands 180 degrees across the spectrum from the ideals and aspirations for our country from where Clinton stands. I will let you do your own research on this. If you believe as Palin does, vote for her. If you believe as Hillary does, please, vote for Obama/Biden. One of the most important things we tried to tell the world 30 and 40 years ago during the Women's Movement -- and that we have tried to teach our daughters - is that Gender Doesn't Matter. Now is the time for us to stand up for that core belief and vote issues and ideals Not gender! ~ blessings

Friday, August 29, 2008

We're making history

No matter who wins in November, Democrats or Republicans, we are making history: either we will elect a slate with an African American man as President, or a slate with a woman as Vice-President. Finally - politics, even politics as usual, has entered the 21st century! Yay, us.  ~ blessings

Life in cyberspace

Yesterday afternoon about 2 I was no longer on line. Just gone. Nothing worked - all the little tricks the guys in the office had taught me just didn't work. And . . . there were no guys in the office! oops. D is able to get on neighbor's network, but the password neighbor gave us doesn't work for me. Oh, dear. Now, I am not Really joined at the hip with my computer. Often I am gone for the day and leave it behind. Or we travel and I take it along mainly to write in my journal. Most of the time I live life without checking my email every few minutes or needing to keep up with a breaking news story. And all of that I do by Choice! 

Yesterday, no choice. I wasn't there and couldn't get there. Who was writing me? Who wanted to chat? Were there any comments on my blog? Well, I made it through. And Finally one of the guys from the office arrived -- a little later than usual. Or maybe I had just been pacing the floor too long. So here I am -- and I know a little more than I did so I can Try to help myself if this happens again. And every time something like this happens I am grateful again for living Now when all of this is possible even if gives a little irritation occasionally. ~ blessings

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been wondering . . .

What is it that makes the universe dump lots of crap on one person and leave another person to go through life dealing with things that come along in ordinary ways? Sickness (cancer for instance) comes to some families. It is hard and one person has it and everyone deals and keep moving on. People die sooner than they should and the family deals with it and keeps moving on. A son goes to jail - and it is hard to deal with and people do and keep moving on. And then there is that person whose family has three people with cancer, two people in jail, two people who die too young, all the appliances break down at the same time, the car's breaks are gone, and the bread winner loses a job to the awful economy.

We all know people like that. People whose heads are covered with a little black rain cloud that just Stays there. Maybe it is the Law of Attraction: what they concentrate on is what they get. Maybe they had a spiritual agreement that said they would come to earth and experience every nasty thing possible - their choice. Or maybe that's Just the Way It Is. Whichever, I think those of us who are fortunate enough to experience life in its fullest and happiest and keep moving through the sad, hard times need to send lots of good, positive energy with lots of Light and Love into the Universe on behalf of these folks. ~ ~ blessings to you as you move through life in gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon you

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preference vs Expectation

Several years ago we were doing a Huge remodel and I expected it to be done by the time of Daughter's wedding. And Most things were -- but certainly not all. A friend said, "Sometimes it is better to have preferences rather than expectations." Oh, my yes! I have used that phrase over and over and some how thought I had released expectations entirely. Ha! Naive me. 

This week there was a conversation I expected to take place. I knew it needed to take place. I certainly wanted it to happen. All of this you understand from a person who probably wouldn't even be in the conversation. But I expected it to happen. Well, guess what? It didn't happen. The two people I Expected to talk with one another didn't. For whatever reason, they stayed with the superficial fun chat and never discussed the elephant in the middle of the room. And that is Their issue to deal with and I fell right into the expectation trap. Would I have preferred that they talk? Yes. I may prefer that for the rest of my life. Expecting them to talk put a lot of pressure on, guess who? Me! Not them. They went their merry way ignoring the obvious and having a good time. To give myself credit, I allowed them to do that. I didn't get in the middle of it or make any suggestions. It was only inside that I kept expecting the conversation to happen. Having preferences and Allowing is much easier on the soul. :)
~ blessings

Monday, August 25, 2008


When I was a little girl, I had a book called "Wait 'Til the Moon is Full" by Margaret Wise Brown. For some reason the book stayed around for reading to my own children and grandchildren ~ and the one line I have always remembered is the description of the new moon being "thin as the curve of a raccoon's whisker." About 2:30 this morning I stood on my deck and watched that moon peek at me from behind a pine tree. Overhead the black night was covered with starry brilliance from the thousands upon thousands of heavenly bodies that shine in the sky when there is no earthly ambient light to distract. The Milky Way really looks milky. The Big Dipper shines out from all those around it demanding by its very presence that we look and find the North Star by its guidance and know where we are. Some people say when we look up like that, we recognize how insignificant we are. When I look up like that, I recognize how absolutely amazing we are - to be part of that magnificent creation and be able to spread our wings upon that starry canvas and fly. Wow! Words are inadequate so I will end by saying, if you live where there is any chance to see the stars, do so. Lie back on the grass or your deck, look up and appreciate how amazing You are to be one with the Universe.  ~ blessings

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Silence has an amazing quality of aliveness. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is . . . silence. Rich, textured, alive. 

For two weeks I have had a Very Good friend as a guest in my home. We have talked almost continuously. And we are good enough friends that we were able to be quiet with each other as well. Still, most of the time we talked. She left yesterday. Today the wonderful woman who comes every two weeks to help me clean was here - and we cleaned - and washed and dried - and chatted while we made beds. She had her delightful children with her and she talked to them and they talked and played. I have been working on logistics for an upcoming business session we are having here so D and I talked over lunch and my mind has been busy and I have been emailing folks to make sure we were all on the same page. And then cleaning was done and M left. The email was sent and several more answered. And suddenly there was . . . Silence. 

It descended like a gentle warm fog. It is wrapped around me like a wonderful comfortable cape. Even the clicking of the computer keys and the words coming through my fingers refuse to disturb the quality of the silence. Is it totally Quiet? No. There is still some noise: I can hear a voice, the whoosh of traffic on the road down the way, the breeze through the trees -- And, there is this silence that I am loathe to break - so no tv, no book, nothing but being for a while to restore and refresh the balance. Talking is Good. Busy is Good. Silence is Good. Take a little time and enjoy the richness of silence. Blessings -- 

Monday, August 18, 2008


First let me say how much I love the Olympics. I have been reading more than watching this time and it is still fun to share the excitement and joy of these athletes. Michael Phelps has been amazing of course and his interview alongside Mark Spitz was a terrific bit of programing. And that young woman who took the Bronze in the women's 10,000 meter three days after having food poisoning - Incredible! And that was the first US medal ever in that race -- or something like that. I had never heard of her until I sat down to check out what was playing at the moment and there she was -- and there her Mother was, cheering, crying, urging her on. I "knew" them for 30 seconds and I was crying with them as she hugged her mom, wrapped the flag around her shoulders and kept going around that track. We are basketball fans at our house and I am just competitive enough that I am OK watching my team whomp the living day lights out of another team. (Can you also tell I'm southern?) So I am enjoying these Olympics - cheering when I do watch and reading with great enthusiasm when I check the news. 

So - what's the problem? I just read an article where a "disappointment" was listed as two young women bringing in two silvers and a bronze. I heard an announcer acknowledge a silver and then say, " . . . but no American has ever reached the gold." -- Excuse me! These folks are In The Olympics! They actually qualified and Got There. They have run, thrown, jumped, swam, played with the Very Best in the World and we are "disappointed" when they "only" get a silver or bronze???? Sorry, folks. The athletes themselves are allowed to be disappointed if they thought they might do better but we have no right to do anything but cheer. The very fact that they are competing on Olympic soil ranks them among the Top in the world. Good for them! They should all get a medal just for walking in the door - then let them compete. They are superb and it is a joy to watch each and every one of them. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Through Other Eyes

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  
We never take it for granted. And in typical human fashion, neither do we appreciate it to capacity. The last two weeks we have had a friend from Wales visiting us and we have been guides to the area. I have walked on a beach just minutes from my house -- and the first time I have been on it since the last time friends came from far away. We have a boat and we took her on it to lunch at a wonderful lakeside restaurant at the height of the season - had to wait, ordered the "traditional" dishes of this place, rode the restaurant dinghy to and from the boat. And we looked at each other and said, "we should do this more often." It has also rained in Cardiff, Wales every day since she has been here. And every day (sometimes more than once) she has looked up and said, "it is sunny" or "there is sunshine" - and each time D replies, "yes, was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow." How amazing. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery - lovely weather - and marvelous things to do easily because we live here. How nice it has been to spend two weeks seeing it over and over through other eyes. Delightful. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Morning Visitor

We had a hawk visit us this morning. I was meditating and when I opened my eyes, there she was, sitting on the roof by the skylight. She was looking around. I called my husband over and he came quietly and gently to look as well. She sat for a while - time extended itself for us to enjoy each other - and then she flew off, low and strong across the front of the house. Beautiful. Lovely. We are definitely blessed this morning. I wished for the camera and her picture is in my mind and her visit recorded here. I will remember her blessing.