Sunday, November 30, 2008

from Presence to Silence

Grandchildren. They are amazing! And when they are with you, they fill your house, your space and your being with Joy and noise and questions and energy. And when they leave, there is Silence. 

Not only is there silence that comes from no noise or questions. There is also silence in the body as the adrenalin fades: the adrenalin of having them present, of being somewhat responsible even though parents are around too, of being present yourself to every nuance and appearance. All that bodily energy leaves as you close the door behind them and there is . . . Silence. 

Delightful chaos. Delightful silence. Both wonderful and fun and Joyful ~ and it is time for a nap ~ with blessings

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love conversation

Three-year old granddaughter looks at me and says, "I love you with all my heart." 

And then she says, "I love Tessie (the dog) with all my heart." 

And thus began a discussion of the heart of Love being big enough to love parents, grandparents, pets, aunts, uncles, and others with "all our hearts". Love that knows no boundaries yet - unconditional and non-judgmental. She loves the world and all its amazing creatures with her bountiful heart. 

Would that we all could continue to love in that amazing way! ~ blessings

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Blessings and Gratitude to all who find their way here on this Thanksgiving Day. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last night my women's group had a gratitude circle. We brought items for the altar that were symbolic of those things for which we are thankful. "Profoundly thankful" someone said. We had an opening meditation to ground us in gratitude and breathe it into the world. After we had each shared our altar piece, we took a moment of silence and wrote a note of gratitude to that woman. We had been told before hand to be thinking of each other and what gifts she brings to us. 

The positive, uplifting energy of a circle of people being in gratitude is amazing. The whole evening was one of Light and Love and Grace as we shared from our hearts. This morning (or sometime) we have each read the notes from our sisters and felt again the gratitude not only flowing from our hearts to the world but also to us from those we love and cherish. May you be aware of your gratitude circle this Thanksgiving however widespread it is ~ blessings

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shades of history

I heard a conservative commentator last night. She was all undone because match making internet sites might be "forced" (her word) to allow gay and lesbian couples access. "Forced." It has dawned on me who she sounds like.

I am old enough to remember comments like these in the 50's, 60's and 70's: "No one is going to force my child to go to school with . . . "  "No one is going to force me to eat at the same restaurant . . . drink at the same water fountain . . . ride next to on the bus . . . attend the same club with . . .!" Pick your place. You get the picture. 

It is interesting that this unrest should happen on the heels of the election of our first African-American President. Well, why not? With Obama's election, Fear lost. The fear of the years of the Civil Rights Movement went away. And fear doesn't like to lose. So ~ another issue bubbles up to tell people they are being "forced". Commentators talk of people being "fearful" - they express their own fear and try to pawn it off on us - Fear is fighting hard for this one. And just like it was left behind in the wake of this election, it will finally be left behind now. The sooner the better of course ~ with blessings 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being Present

I have been clearing out boxes of things that I thought I could not live without - brought them to CA - laid them out - packed them again for a remodel - and now I am clearing again. And guess what? I can live without them. 

They have been in boxes for two years and I have lived without them for two years - and so I have recycled a big bag of paper. Of course I am keeping pictures and things that might have historical value.

As much as I like telling family stories, as much of a pack rat I am, I am also realizing I am a present person and at this point in my life, if it doesn't have anything to do with who I am now, out it goes. It feels good, freeing and light. And it helps center me in my present moment. ~ blessings

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real Housewives of North Lake Tahoe

Confession: I have never watched "Real Housewives" of Anywhere. I have seen blurbs and I have been told: botox, nips and tucks, jewels, designer clothes and conversation so
shallow it would make an 8th grader blush. If I disparage falsely, I apologize.

However, yesterday when I went on a hike with two friends (who have seen this show), we talked about our lives - as real housewives of North Lake Tahoe. It began with
a comparison of hiking boots and which ones are best for this time of year and what we wear to hike in the snow before there is enough snow for snowshoeing.

At one point my "designer" vest was mentioned. Well, I am so not into the ski scene that I didn't even know it was designer -- and I bought it several years ago at a ski swap for $20 or less. So - we shop at ski swaps - and outlets. Our cosmetic routine is best
if it includes sun block - year round at this altitude.

Our conversation included a very erudite discussion of whether Hillary should be Secretary of State: does she have the temperament? Would she have more power from the Senate? If not her, who? Fascinating conversation.

And our jewels? Ah, our jewels . . . absolutely Gorgeous views of the lake from the trail. Broad expanse of deep blue water shimmering until a spectacular arch of dazzling blue sky, separated by green mountains beginning to be topped with a dash of white snow glistening like diamonds in the sun.

Just to be clear: we are real too. It's just that no one will make a tv show of our lives. We shop at Costco; our husbands spend their Saturdays gathering and splitting wood for winter fires; we attend women's groups that include meditation and conversation about everything from parents with Altzheimer's to baby showers. When we party, we
party at each others' homes. We are the real housewives of North Lake Tahoe. We are such fun! :) ~ tea and blessings

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How right-handed am I?

I Think I am right-handed. Have never written with my left hand. Use my right hand for emphasis and for most things. So - basically right-handed . . . until my left wrist is in a brace and my left thumb is Sore. Then I realize how Fortunate I am to have two hands. 

Our refrigerator sits so that I open the door with my right hand, reach in and pick up the milk, the OJ, the butter with my left. Except now I am having to judge if what I am reaching for is too heavy for my left hand. I have discovered I tend to carry in my left hand, balancing the weighted object with my right. Swept the deck this morning and found out that although I maneuver the broom with my right, my left normally works hard as well. *sigh* 

So - gratitude for two hands both of which work hard and help the other. And gratitude for the healing in the left. And special thanks for the "extra" hands that pitch in to lift and pull until both of mine are back. 

Makes me very aware of how fortunate I am that most things in this body are still up and running ~ with tea and blessings

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A friend who will be staying with us called this morning and said he understood that I was going to be my usual "gracious self". Meaning, I was going to welcome them into the house, share home and food and caring with them. Absolutely. 

Strangely, this call came in the middle of a conversation with D about another friend who was missing something in a transaction D had witnessed. We decided the missing piece was graciousness. Grace if you will. 

Grace is so important. It is that character trait that welcomes, that thanks, that shares. It is So Easy to offer. A smile, a pat on the back, a thank you (even if you have paid for the work done), ~ and it costs us nothing except the moment of our time in which we smile or say the words. What a joy to be able to share something so simple and So Necessary to another's well-being as Grace. All we have to do is be. . . gracefully ~ with tea and blessings

Monday, November 10, 2008

Keeping Sabbath

A friend's recent experience has me thinking again about the importance of keeping Sabbath. Having been in church all my life, when I moved to the mountains, we had no church. That was fine with me as long as I could keep Sabbath. Have some time of rest, of reflection, of meditation, of connection with the Divine. 

Then we found the perfect church for us so I kept Sabbath in the more traditional way: Sunday services, hymns, prayers, sermons, scripture and dance. 

Later the pastor retired and after 7 months of being in charge of services and making sure we had someone to fill the pulpit every Sunday and for special services, I decided to take a few weeks off. By the third Sunday, I was aware that in all my life no one had ever told me Sundays could be like this.

My Sundays became quiet, restful, gentle and centered and have remained so. I meditate. I reflect. In winter I sit in front of the fire. In summer, on the deck. Sometimes I sit. Sometimes we walk or hike. Even if I do these things on other days of the week, on Sundays they take on a different quality.

Everyone's Sabbath may be different as well. What works for me may not work for you. The point is that you find time to spend with the Divine - time to listen to your own soul and the Soul of the Universe. ~ may you find that time with blessings

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morning Musings

Clean, clear, fresh air! There is nothing like it. It chills the cheeks, fills the lungs and offers a hint of spring even though you know that winter is only beginning. There are about 3 inches of snow on the path we walk through the woods. Less today than yesterday and warming fast. The smell of pine mingles with the clarity of clear. Glorious morning walk!

The work of the election begins - now that the election itself is over. A Cabinet and other advisors need to be chosen. The work of Bi-Partisanship needs to be started. And all of us who stood in lines for hours, who were so excited about this election, no matter which side we were on, need to remember that no one can do all this alone. Our time has come - to write our representatives and Senators, to go to work in our towns and communities, on school boards and councils, to become involved. Remember, the mantra was "Yes, we can."

Watching dogs in the snow - even 3 inches of it - is sheer delight and joy! What a pleasure. They run. They roll. They drink from the creek that is flowing for the first time since mid-July. They are Present. What fun! 

A surprise IM chat with a daughter is delightful. So nice to be connected. Technology makes some things just plain wonderful. ~ with tea and blessings ~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What an Amazing country!

We did indeed make history yesterday and what I will remember is the sea of faces standing in a Chicago park waving American flags and cheering. There were faces of all colors, shapes and topped with all shades of hair color. Some faces were famous: Jesse Jackson standing tall in the midst of delightful chaos, serene and strong with tears pouring down his face. Oprah Winfrey - not there as a celebrity - there as an American, her chin tucked on the shoulder of a friend, with amazement and joy in her eyes. Most faces were -- faces. American faces. Running the spectrum of color, age, genetic and cultural heritage. American faces. Bound together by the continuing hope and founding dream that, "Yes, we can."   ~ blessings

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love Christmas

. . . after Thanksgiving! 

*sigh* I just heard my first Christmas carol commercial on tv - "Deck the Halls" - a carol I love and enjoy singing -- but NOT on the Monday before Election Day in early November. The Friday after Thanksgiving - terrific! Today -- no way -- even if it is for a product I enjoy and the first snow of the season is thinking about falling. ~ tea and blessings