Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arguing for Limitations

Have you ever had a discussion with someone who will Not open to any possibilities you present? Have you ever been in a discussion when you were So Sure of your own way that you were not open to any possibilities presented to you? 

We really do have a way of arguing for our limitations. "I have tried it and it didn't work." "All my research shows otherwise." "I'm worried I won't . . . (so worried that I won't even consider another way)." And on and on. We've all done it. 

Allowing ourselves to be open to a different perspective, another possibility, is so freeing. We may be right -- the other way may not work. And we will never know unless we try or look or research or ask the right people. Let's not waste valuable, creative time arguing for our limitations. Let's soar. ~ blessings

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hurray! ~ for a 16-year-old grandson who is willing to come to his grandmother's home and power wash rugs on the deck - then power wash the deck - then oil the deck - and in between do whatever it occurs to one of the grands to ask him to do. Is he getting paid? Yes. Is he a Huge help? Yes! Is he worth the money? Absolutely!! And he is fun to have around because he is a great kid, a good conversationalist and interested in all sorts of things. And . . . he helps in the kitchen and if he wants something to eat between meals (he is after all 16), he can get it himself. Thank you, daughter, for raising such a terrific human being! :) ~ blessings

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Planning for family

Looking forward to having 7 to 9 of our 10 grandkids with us for the week before the 4th and through. Just have to think about all those mouths to feed, and what to feed them. I always liked going to my grandmother's (Mama Dear) and part of that was the food we ate. So I would like for our grands to enjoy the food we have here too. I recently heard about a grandmother who feeds only popcorn and popcicles - which sounds fine for 3 days. For a week or more with their parents in residence as well, I think I need to think some more. :) :) ~ blessings

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To all those men who choose to be fathers - to take on that responsibility - those joys, frustrations, fun and befuddlement - this day is for you! 

Maybe you have chosen the biological route to fatherhood and take that seriously. Maybe you have chosen to be a Big Brother - a Scout master - a teacher of science or math or fencing to a bunch of teenagers; maybe you toss the ball with the kid down the street whose father was killed in Iraq - or just isn't around - or abused him and had to leave; maybe you sponsor the youth group in your church. Whatever ever your chosen role as "father", today is your day ~ and all of us who have experienced someone one like you in our lives are Very Grateful for your participation in the lives of others. 

Yesterday I went to a 7-year-old birthday party and watched two dads and an uncle be absolutely and totally present to the next generation. Dads by any title are Great! Enjoy your day! ~ with blessings

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Following the Mountain Man

I named Dee my Mountain Man when we were still dating. We were walking along a nice trail when he says, "let's go this way." And off we went, into the woods and meadows until we found another trail. I thought I might be falling in love and realized that love includes trust and so I would trust that we would find that trail. And we did. 

This morning there are signs on our usual morning walk trail: "Forestry Operations: Do Not Enter". Oops - we had waved at the forestry guy yesterday and this morning the signs were up. Stay out. Ignoring them on the way out, on the way back, the Mountain Man suggests we take an alternative route in order to be in compliance. And off we went: down into the woods, across the fallen tree trunks, over the rocks, down the dry gully, through the bushes, back up the hill ~ and all the time Tessie and I following and trusting. Sure enough he points: that clearing is our trail. I can't even See the clearing, much less distinguish there is a trail. And there is it - with familiar landmarks and clearing. Our trail - not far from the house. We are home and in compliance having made our way around the signs. Even the morning walk can turn into an adventure! ~ blessings

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Reminder we All Need

The wind of divine grace is always blowing. 
You just need to spread your sail. 
                                                                    ~ Swami Vivekananda

Do I need to say anything about this - or can we just spread our sails and claim the blessing of this particular wind ~ blessings 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taking the Good Advice

When I don't try to do everything, I am able to move through busy-ness with grace and ease. We were up early. Went to a buffet breakfast meeting. Then, instead of going into the meeting Dee was in, I sat in the lounge of the Resort, looked out on the mountains, had my meditation time, read, talked to my daughter, sat. We came home. The guys helped clean the deck and then went for a walk. I have stayed here - doing a little food prep for later when the rest of the committee arrives to visit, meet and have 'lupper' about 3:30. I told the walkers that when they returned there would be guacamole, iced tea and beer. Grace and ease ~ and blessings

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Advice

Slow Down - there is more to life than
increasing its speed.
                                                                      ~ Mohandas Gandhi

A rainy Saturday morning. Dee is soon off to an all day meeting, breakfast through dinner. I am not going this year. I am going to sit. Enjoy the fire. Enjoy a mystery story or two. Take my moment in this crazy week to be gentle with myself and . . . slow 
~ blessings

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where Do things go?

You hear this a lot from me. The cellphone was down in the cushions of the window seat. The black shirt was hung on a tree stump, located and is back in the closet having been washed. Now Where are the culottes?? 

They were bought last summer. Saved to wear in Texas in February - except we didn't go to TX, we went to Portland. I have been wearing the shirt I bought to go with them with longer pants. So where are the culottes now that it is summer again and I am ready to wear them. I took a step closer to the solution this morning when I searched the top shelf of the closet, found a bag with a brand new sweater in it that had obviously been bought at the same time to go with the culottes. No culottes - but at least a new summer sweater that will go nicely with a couple of pairs of pants I have. 

When I get like this, I always think about all the Real problems in the world and wonder Why I am so pouty about a pair of culottes. *sigh* ~ I just am ~ with blessings

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cozy Spots

We are a family of three: 2 adult humans, 1 adult dog. We each have our cozy spots. 

Dee sits in the corner of the window seat.
I sit in a chair by the fire.
Tessie curls up on a pillow in the corner by the window seat or between the coffee table and the window seat. 

Even though it is grey, damp and chilly outside, inside it is very cozy. ~ blessings

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where's my black shirt?

Been wondering where my black shirt is for a few days. Couldn't find it over the weekend. Wasn't in the laundry Monday. ????

Last night I am Just falling asleep when my eyes pop open with the little adrenalin surge of thought: it is hanging over a tree stump about a third of the way up the trail when it was too warm to wear on Friday morning. I even said "do you think we will remember this is here?" I was very slow that morning. Tessie and I came back way behind Dee who had a conference call. There was a very noisy truck in the woods and Tessie was edgy. I had my mind on other things. And so through Lots of rain, my shirt has hung on the tree stump. Will I remember it is there when we walk this morning? ~ blessings