Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I Am Not a Fax

I am not a fax machine! There has been a company that for a long time has thought I was a fax machine. Irritating. Finally this morning, the third time the call came through, it dawned on me I could Google them and find out how to contact them. They are a very legitimate company as far as their website goes - and Bethany, the receptionist, was very helpful. She is going to do what she can to find the right person and stop faxes to my home phone. She was also rather amazed that I was not a client, had no account with them, and had never heard of them until the fax calls started coming. Lovely if it is finally over. Now I know what to do as their are several others like this — and why I haven’t though of it before, I have no idea. Phew.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

October De'lish

The first frost was coming so I brought in the three tomato plants and lined them up in the bathroom. And haven't moved them since! I suppose we could have taken them back out to get more sun and brought them in again at night. We didn't though. They sat in their warm corner where steam from the shower would bless them and the heated floor gave them some protection from the cold. The result was little clusters of tiny sweet tomatoes. They ripened one at a time until today when there were enough to pick and picture. So good. And such a delight to have summer flavors in October.

Friday, October 6, 2017

“They want to call you?”

It is 25 years ago. Michelle is pregnant with Joshua, and yes, we know it is Joshua who is coming. My friend Anne comes late to dance rehearsal, apologizes and says, “Cory wanted to call and talk to his grandmother.” Cory was about 3. My immediate and excited response was, “They want to call you??”

Wow! Grandchildren might want to call their grandparents. I could hardly wait. And sure enough Joshua was born, grew up enough to want to call his Mama Susan, recognize the weekly postcard and finally find it amazing that when he came to our house, I was actually there.

Time passed. When he was in high school we lived close enough that we saw each other every week or so and therefore the need or desire for phone calls was not as great. 

College years passed quickly (for me - not so much for him) and we saw each other when I could make it to Ashland. He graduated on a Saturday and on Monday started a new job that he enjoys. Once in a while I would see a post of some kind on FaceBook and in the last week I saw him on my chat list. As happens a lot, as I was typing a message, he signed off. And then the other day, my phone rings. It was Joshua!

My excitement was just as great after 25 years, as that earlier anticipation of just the fact that they might want to call. I’m not sure grandchildren understand how much their grandparents love them until they themselves become grandparents. I find myself thinking of my grandmother and some of things I was told she said about me. Even after all these years, I wish I could call. 

Mama Dear and Susan in 1943; Joshua and Mama Susan at graduation in June. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Random Observations

1) Oso loves to swim and retrieve.

2) I am tired of politics, disrespect for other human beings, ugly language and using the First Amendment to justify anything done or said without regard to consequences.

3) I am tired of people using the Second Amendment to justify civilians having assault weapons. Gun control may not stop what happened in Las Vegas and it would be a step in the right direction.

4) First frost killed all the flowers and the basil. The mint survived.

5) Aged Gouda is very different than plain Gouda or even smoked Gouda. Aged Gouda is very good and it just isn't Gouda. It's another taste and texture entirely.

6) Warm fall afternoons are good for the soul.

7) I am trying to age gracefully and sometimes I just have to complain.

8) A loving family is one of the greatest gifts we have. I am so grateful.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Fall Afternoon at the Lake

Those of you who remember the draught pictures from last summer, will be pleased to see a full lake, rolling waters and even some waves curling against the shore. 

And in the middle if you look closely is Oso, making his way to a ball Dean threw.

He found it, and back he comes.

Success - several times over on this warm fall day.

Don't stand too close, mom. Here I go!
Shake it off and head home to sit on a warm deck to dry. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Even in a Peaceful Place

The Wellness Center where I have my chiropractic and acupuncture sessions is a very peaceful place. Quiet music plays throughout the small building. Voices are usually kept low in order not to disturb massage or acupuncture. The energy is gentle and peaceful. 

This morning, just as I was called into a room for chiropractic, a man whom I have seen there before, burst in the door, saw the other man sitting there, and started venting his anger about the NFL players taking the knee during the National Anthem. His energy was all over the place, bouncing off the walls and swirling around the room. 

Being in another room, only one wall away though, I was away from the immediate impact of his energy and I still had to sit still, center myself, drop a fresh grounding cord and surround myself with silence. He was so angry and so loud. The other man’s ideas agreed with him but he was quiet and 
stated his position reasonably. Although I disagreed with them both, I could have had a conversation with the one man while the other was almost scary. His angry energy was incredible. I don’t think I have heard anyone that angry in a long time. 

Truthfully, I am grateful I had been placed in a treatment room. I do wish I had had an opportunity to thank the other man for being so quiet and rational and peaceful in his opposition to my opinions. We are not going to change the other’s mind and I would like to have heard his story. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Kneel

I have been trying to decide what is in my heart around this “kneeling during the national anthem” controversy. I had just about given up trying to find the right words when they were said for me. Representative Sheila Jackson (D-Texas) knelt in Congress with these words:

“I kneel in front of the flag and on this floor, I kneel in honor of the First Amendment, I kneel because the flag is a symbol for freedom, I kneel because I am going to stand against racism, I kneel because I will stand with those young men and I’ll stand with our soldiers and I’ll stand with America because I kneel.”

Thank you, Congresswoman Jackson! This 74 year old white woman kneels with you.