Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I'm Back!

I’m back. Woke with lots more energy for everything including the resistance than I had yesterday. I do appreciate all those on FB who “liked” what I wrote yesterday. Your clicking “like” or “love” was very affirming. I still may not read every article or click “like” myself and you know where I stand even though once in a while I need to take a day to breathe. 

I’m looking forward to a couple of days with two delightful grands who will affirm my faith that we are not born racist. ~ blessings on your journey!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I am tired. Tired of seeing all the posts on FB about Charlottesville. Tired of struggling with my own words to try to express my outrage and anger. Tired of the realization that the now blatant racism has just been lying dormant all these years waiting for permission to explode again. And if I am tired - oh my, how desperately tired must be the folks against whom all this racism and oppression has been focused for centuries.

As a privileged white woman, I cannot begin to imagine (although I do try) how tired people who have faced this all their lives must be. I may have thought it had gone away. They knew differently and watched it explode through police violence, ugly responses to Black Lives Matter marches and personal slurs and accusations. 

Again I am reminded of the orchestral analogy that when the note is to be held for measures beyond the breath’s capacity, take a breath for someone else will still be holding the note and once you breathe, they too can take a breath. And so today I take a breath. 

A former pastor of mine posts, day after day, articles and pictures and blogs of resistance. And at the same time he posts pictures of his delightful granddaughter and his pride in his family. He balances his resistance with his love and light in life.

Today I will take a breath. Then I will return to finding my way through my own life to resist, to stand tall, to say This is Not Normal. I will continue to believe in America as it can and should be. ~ blessings to you on your journey through this life

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cousin Joe

My cousin Joe lives in Colorado Springs so he drove to Breckenridge to spend the day. We have not seen each other in a long time - well, several years. We did, however, start our lives spending summers together in North Carolina. 

Joe and Susan, 1948

Joe and Susan, 2017

What a fun day! We talked family history, present reading, and all sorts of other topics. And sure enough, we found a pole to lean on and have another picture made. It was wonderful to spend time with him. Love my cousins so much!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fun on the Mountain

The family spent the day at the adventure park in Breckenridge. To get there we rode a gondola to the  park. The older grands took off for the zip line and disappeared into a long wait for most of the morning. The younger ones headed to Kids' Base Camp for a delightful time.

Preparation for a ropes course.

Already a confident expert ~ 

~ who gets a little irritated when the person in front of her won't move. 


And she too enjoys the spirit of adventure. 

Tubing down an alpine run.
There was a much longer tubing run that you took a ski lift to the top.
Some of the older grands and parents did that one.

Ready to fly on the zip line.

And she's off!! And loving it - over and over again. 

Heading home down the mountain. For the back story, 
you have to notice the dark clouds coming in. By the time we were down
and home, the folks left on the mountain were calling for a lift home.
All the rides and the gondolas were shut down because of lightning.
Thank goodness, Rob was able to drive to the upper hotel where they met
him after a short walk down. Folks not so lucky were being bussed down
the mountain in 15 passenger vans along the ski slopes - a 40 minute ride
after waiting and waiting for your turn in the van. Money was refunded so
for our crowd it turned out to be just another part of the day's adventure. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Levi Loves Grandpa

It started as a simple hand game and has grown into a full-fledged
partnership and maybe a little idol worship.

"I love you, Grandpa."

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Utah Sunset

Sunset pictures from the patio outside our room at the airbnb where we stayed for two nights in Salt Lake City. Sunset over the Great Salt Lake (that clear strip beneath the hills.

Moon over Salt Lake City. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017


On the road from Tahoe City to Salt Lake City across stretches of I80 I had never traveled. I took a few pictures along the way ~ and will continue them tomorrow as we head toward Breckenridge CO.

First stop: The Griddle in Winnemucca, NV for lunch. This wedge was so amazing looking that a man from another table came and asked if he could take a picture. That reminded me to take one too as I rarely photograph food. First of all, I have never seen a head of lettuce this big. The wedge was as big as some heads of lettuce I have seen. Grannie Smith apples, caramelized walnuts, tomatoes, bacon with bleu cheese dressing topped with onion crisps. Worth the picture taking!!

I liked this rock formation.

Rain the forecast.

We arrived at the rain and shortly after this, I had to close my eyes
because I could not see the road which meant Dean couldn't either.
He watched the yellow line and the little light posts and promised to
let me know when he could see again.

And then there was sun. The storm did follow us into Salt Lake City
and hit just as we were going to bed. 

Bonneville salt flats. That's salt out there and it just goes on forever.
Some of it was really wet and mushy from previous storms.

After checking into our wonderful airbnb, we had dinner at a small Greek
restaurant about 6 blocks distant. I did remember to take a picture of out
zucchini crisps. We stayed traditional. Dean had salmon and I had spanakopita.
We shared a tiny piece of extra rich baclava. Yum.
We made it through dinner on a patio and stayed dry. The storm hit after
we were back to our lovely B&B.

Sunrise over Salt Lake City. These are views from our room.

We are having a lovely time. Dean is exploring his genealogy at the History Museum and Library; I am writing, reading, and learning about hosting an airbnb. I'll let you know when that happens. Meanwhile ~ blessings on your journeys wherever they take you.