Friday, April 24, 2015

Amazingly Made

Once again I am intrigued by the intricacies of the human body. Yesterday I had an eye exam. Today, they take a picture of the inside of your eye rather than dilate which takes away all the dilation discomfort. This allows for at least two things: pictures they can compare year to year and your getting to see the inside of your own eye.

There on the screen were two orange circles. Just off center in each were red circles from which emanated darker orange lines, the veins taking blood to and from the red circles which indicate really good blow flow and therefore no macular degeneration. Incredible.

Thousands of years before such views of the inside of the body were possible, the Psalmist noted that we are wonderfully and awesomely made. Indeed we are and we continue to find new ways to look into our own bodies and heal or support what is happening there. I have such gratitude for the blessings of knowledge which invented this equipment to support the blessing of our bodies.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stuff and Things

1) I have a plastic box under my sink in the bathroom where I keep bathroom type things I don't use very often: polish remover, cotton balls, bandaids ~ you get the idea. It is full of stuff and things. This morning I emptied it all on my bed and started to organize. Amazing! I found new items I didn't remember buying. I found old items I had hunted and hadn't found. I found 3 bags from my dentist that I organized into one space. Very nice. No - you don't get a picture. I imagine you have a similar box somewhere so you don't need a before and after shot of my box. Even though no one will see it, it is nice for me to know it is organized.

2) Daughter and son-in-law are moving from NOLA back home (for her) to New England. I like being able to picture where my children live so I will have to get to Boston soon. I will miss knowing where they are living in NOLA until I have a chance to see where they are in New England. I will let them settle in before I book tickets, but I won't wait long.

3) Spring in the mountains:

This is a snow flower. It blooms from the fungus created by the melting snow. They are protected by law (no picking) and are considered a blessing. I am thrilled we have one this year because we have had very little snow. I feel truly blessed.

4) There was a clan of chipmunks racing around the rocks and ridges in the yard this morning. You can almost feel their joy at being in the sun. 

5) The warmth is bringing out the chipmunks and birds and telling us it is time to pull out the deck furniture and prepare for summer sitting. Some of us don't need furniture though. Any patch of sun will do. 
Blessings to you on your spring day ~ 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

If It Ain't Broke ~

~ don't fix it. You might even buy another one. 

When I married Dean almost 15 years ago now, one of the little things that he had that we kept in the kitchen was a butter spreader. 

And yes, we used it mainly to spread butter ~
and peanut butter, and mayonnaise, and mustard,
and soft cheeses, and . . . and . . .
We found ourselves having to reach in the dishwasher and
hand wash the spreader in order to use it for another spread.
This wasn't really a problem, it just made us aware of how often
we used the little utensil and wouldn't it be nice to have more than one.

It had been in the house for more than 15 years though. Dean thought he remembered
buying it at the kitchen store in Truckee.
So one day, we're in Truckee and we drop in. I start looking at spreaders. I finally
find one that has a similar look and I ask the man behind the counter if he has one
sort of like this in a heavy plastic. 
Well, maybe. And he takes me to a wall of utensils
and there it is!
Not "similar", not "sort of like" - the same spreader that has been in use
in this house for more than 15 years. 
So now we have 4 spreaders and rarely a day goes by that we don't use
at least two of them. If it ain't broke, buy some more to enjoy!

Morning Routines

I love going to gym in the mornings. It has been so good for me and I enjoy the place, the workout and the company. And if Diane isn’t there to visit with I enjoy reading when I am on the treadmill and the bike. Because I like to do my exercising early, I usually get up between 6 and 6:30 and am at the gym when the PT office opens at 8. Except once in a while, the first client with an appointment is due later and so they come in later. 8:30 is fine, gives me a few extra minutes around the house. This morning they aren’t opening until 9:30 and so I am not going that late. I realize I like having an easy weekday morning occasionally. 

I took time to squeeze orange juice. Dean had made waffles yesterday with enough batter left over for us to have waffles this morning. We sat and had breakfast together. I am enjoying my cup of tea before the fire which I usually get to enjoy only on weekends. I have my at home exercise program set up and ready to go once my tea is finished, and I will still be done before or only shortly after gym has opened. Yes, I continue to be a morning person and yes, sometimes I like those mornings slow and easy. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Turn?

Once in a while someone will be telling us a story or an event in their life and we will be reminded of a similar one in our life. Stories of surgery, pregnancy, accidents or travel come immediately to mind. You tell me a story, I’m reminded of my story and I . . . yeah, that’s the question, isn’t it? What do I do? Is the conversation such that there can be a mutual exchange of stories or is the conversation really about the other person so much so that I need to stay quiet and not interject me? 

I need to be sensitive to that experience. If we are all hanging out and telling similar stories, it is ok to just keep the stories going. If on the other hand, my friend has decided to tell me something that is important in her life, may it is time for me to be quiet, listen to her, reflect on her story if I say anything at all and use my own story only as an example if it  might be helpful. Otherwise, Susan, keep your mouth shut. And it seems to me like I keep learning this one over and over. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rise Flies

A follow-up to the previous post.
Here is Rise in place, having flown
up the side of the building.

Amazing Artist, Matthew McConnell

It has taken me a while to decide how to introduce you to Matthew. Let's start by saying I first met him when he was five. His father and I were best of friends and continue to be so. Dean and I visited them when we were in North Carolina in March. We were gifted with an afternoon in Matthew's studio, a huge, cluttered, busy, active warehouse of a building well-suited to the creation of Matt's enormous sculptures. Here is the story of our afternoon:

This is what we came to see, Matt's latest industrial art form.

Matt described the artistic, working process to us.
Matt, Judy, Susan, Dan

Listening to a question and encouraging us to walk through the sculpture.

We had to do some posing of our own.

Matt was the only one comfortable enough with the work to touch it.

And if I have made this happen, click here for a minute and a half of time lapse amazement
watching these huge pieces literally rise into their permanent home.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The In-between Day

Today is a busy day. Pastors and churches are relaxing briefly between all the services of the last couple of days and at the same time preparing for the brilliance of the services tomorrow. All over FaceBook people are posting about the services attended, wishing people Happy Easter and inviting folks to egg hunts and discussing what to have for the big family meal tomorrow. 

However ~ over 2000 years ago, this was not the way it was. This was the Sabbath when no work was done, when rest was taken. And in the midst of that time as small group of folks known as disciples huddled together in fear wondering what would become of them if the Roman army came. It was not a day of busy-ness. It was not a day of hope. What had happened Thursday night through to Friday afternoon had totally destroyed their world and they were literally walking through the valley of the shadow of death and saw no way out. Easter morning had not yet come. 

I think it is important to take some time today to reflect on that experience in order to truly appreciate the amazement and the glory of tomorrow. It is not all new dresses, eggs and flowers. It is new life in a whole new way and it is good to remember the whole experience including the grey of today. It will make tomorrow so much better.