Friday, June 24, 2016

Random Pictures

The title says it all ~ here are some random pictures taken over the last month during our life.

Flowers next to the table where we have lunch in Quincy.
The Thunder Cafe. Interesting name for a gentle, lovely cafe.

View of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta across Manzanita Lake.

Dean fishing on Manzanita Lake.

Company on a hike the spouses took while the men fished.

A lovely, bright surprise while on a woods wander with Oso.

A view from my living room window one evening last week. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Magical Moments

I had an email from Dean this morning before I was even out of bed.

We are here in San Diego this morning to get going on our project with (Company). . . . Now it’s up to me to do some magic and get the (Company) team on the right page, growing and thriving. I am all over it. I feel like I am in my element doing these kind of things and doing them in a collaborative setting. 

It is time for him to do some magic. He doesn’t often talk like that. And what will he be doing? Guiding a newly emerging corporation through some business planning to set them on a path of growing and thriving. Does that sound like magic? Well, it is. 
And reflecting on his comment, I realize that we all have the ability to make magic in our lives. Do you bake amazing cakes? Take it from someone whose cakes have been disasters for years ~ that’s magic! We know the theatrical magic beyond the footlights, but what about the work that goes into making that magic or making your car run smoothly or a plane fly safely? Magic. 

This magic is not illusion. This magic is solid work done by people who know how to do the work thereby creating magic for the rest of us whose expertise lies somewhere else. Can you take a house full of 4 kids and a spouse and create order out of the inevitable chaos? You are a magician par excellence. 

Be aware of the way you create magic in your life and give yourself a pat on the back for your way in the world. Whatever you do, there is someone out there who wonders at your magic. And while you are at it, recognize it in others as well. Magic is a blessing to be celebrated.