Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Amid all the festivities this weekend, picnics, bar-b-cues, family gatherings, beach parties, please, at some point Stop. Raise a glass, bow a head, take a moment at least to remember why we have this holiday weekend. Remember those who have served. Those who gave their lives for our freedoms and the freedom of others. Those who served and returned home. All who have served through our history. We remember them with honor and gratitude.

And throughout the year, it is very simple to say thank you. When you see a man or woman in uniform, say "Thank you." You don't even have to pause in your walking down an airport concourse. As you know, I traveled a good bit in the last couple of weeks, some of it by air. And I said Thank You. To groups, to individuals, to young and older. Thank You. So simple. And believe me, they know what you mean and are grateful.

So let's remember all our military service personnel on Memorial Day and . . . remember to say Thank You year round. ~ with blessings

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

It was a Perfect trip from the moment Dan and Bill met me at the airport in Raleigh until cousin Greg hugged me good-bye outside security in Baltimore. It was a pilgrimage reunion for me and I loved Every minute. I went through two weeks being absolutely present and in the moment. 
Even the weather was perfect ~ more humidity than I was used to but a lot less than my hosts were used to so Perfect southern weather. They even threw in a couple of thunder storms for me at night and late afternoon so they didn’t interrupt anything.

It was a bit of a shock to leave that sort of sandal wearing weather and come home to snow on the deck. Yep ~ about an inch and a half on the deck this morning. 
I told Dean on the Saturday before I left that getting the new iPhone was such a surprise it was almost like Christmas. Well, I came home to a new bicycle and a rocking chair!!! He told me about the bicycle when we talked from DFW and said he had a coupon for 20% off at REI and one of the things listed was a woman’s bike. It is built like they used to be when we wore skirts, 21 gears, hand brakes, and what looks to me like a teeny, tiny seat. He says it is a huge seat for a bike. We will see - and feel - that’s all I can say at this point because there is snow out there and I won’t be riding today. 

And then while shopping around, he literally fell over a rocking chair for sale at Sierra Trading Post. It is not glamourous looking and won’t look like a piece of furniture in the living room or den in the winter. It is an aluminum camp rocker with canvas back and seat. Very comfortable. Folds up to take camping or to the beach - although rocking on the sand lacks some of the glamour. And this morning is yard sales so he has asked if I would like another if he should find one. Why not? Then two of us can rock on the deck. 

                                               ~ and he found one
       and they are Both Very comfortable!

Oh, the other really good thing: in spite of indulging in southern cooking, I came home weighing Exactly what I weighed when I left. What happened to my cholesterol I have no idea and I am back on track this morning. It was a perfect trip and it is good to be home! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flight Tracker

Saturday: Dean took Oso to the beach. He was tentative at first like he wasn’t sure what to do with the water. Then he ran up and down the beach with some other dogs and they splashed in the water as they ran. Dean waded out a little ways and Oso followed him. One dog was retrieving a ball and Oso started out beside him and suddenly he was off the ground and ~ ta-dah! ~ swimming. Dean said Oso looked at him like, Look what I can do! :D Then he just swam for a while. Back and forth with the dog who was retrieving the ball. Then out to retrieve a stick that was thrown for a couple of other dogs who were ignoring it. The main purpose of the swim was to get him wet enough to dispel the smell of the bear poop he had been rolling in. We may have to take him to the lake several times a week. LOL! 

We left early and went to Reno to “look at phones” - i.e. upgrading his iPhone and in that process he asked if I wanted mine upgraded. Ta-dah!!! I have a brand new iPhone with Siri, that syncs with my computer again. I am connected to the Cloud which means everything syncs on its own. I am delighted. A real surprise - I told him it was like Christmas. He grinned and said, well, happy Mother’s Day.

Sunday:  DFW, here I come.

== found a lovely downstairs restaurant just across from my gate - seafood - I ate way too much and it was quiet and nice and I am happy. I am not buying a day pass for wifi here either. I am really tired though and as much lunch as I ate, lobster bisque and a wedge salad, it didn’t wake me up of course. So here I am, too full and still tired. 
I was coming into Dallas and so excited and I suddenly realized it wasn’t home any more. With Libba gone, that does it. L is still in Arlington and she is in Arlington and rarely gets into Dallas. Interesting insight. 
Want to remember to tell Joshua that however he feels, I hope when he flies that he flies with clean hair no matter how dirty or grubby the rest of him is. :) 
Took the Skylink from concourse C to A - I thought we used to be able to walk it if we had time but i guess not. I couldn’t find the way so just took the Skylink and it was easy and fine. 
Bought Jordan Almonds for the whole trip, not just this afternoon ~ and a bottle of water for now. I was able to wait this morning until on the plane but not now. I know I will need water. 
Interesting - I would have to pay for wifi for my computer but my cell phone just uses it without saying anything. 
My white jacket is doing well for me even though it is too short waisted. I just don’t fasten it at the waist and I look great. 
Napped a little as the plane took off for Raleigh so I feel a little better. Still too full and Dan has promised a nice low calorie, low cholesterol meal tonight so I shall be fine. Had a text from Dean who skied and then was sitting on the deck with Oso. :) I miss them both already. 
This time I did what I needed to do correctly: I took out the computer and my pillow and Then put my bag overhead. I have been moved across the aisle - it was interesting, I sort of knew my name would be called at some point during this trip. Of course the man who had asked to sit by his wife could easily have asked me once we were on the plane but I guess he preferred to have the official do it - he was standing right by me and didn’t even say thanks. 
I am loving having my kindle and my book to read on my computer. It is a little bulky and the truth is, it is less so than having a book, a computer, etc. 
I am aware I guess is the word of being very present. I have looked forward to this trip and it would be easy to think about tonight and tomorrow etc - instead, I am on a plane, enjoying the trip that I haven’t taken since September, high above the earth coasting along. 
The seat belt sign just went off - I probably should get up and move just to do it. I’m really enjoying just sitting here, writing, reading and being. 

When you fly in over Raleigh the ground is green with trees. When you fly in over Reno the ground is brown with dirt and rocks. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Change of Seasons

= Sitting on the deck and it suddenly hit me that I should and now could change over some clothes. As I did so, I realize that next season I Must recycle and donate a Lot. Make room for more? :) We’ll see - for now, I just need to make room. I saw several things that I never even brought up stairs this winter much less wore. Time for them to go. Plus ~ and this is nice, I found a pair of culottes I had forgotten I had. They will be my 3rd pair for my trip. Perfect. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great Party!

What a Wonderful Party!!! We were on the deck. The weather cooperated Beautifully ~ no wind and slowly cooling temperature until folks were beginning to leave anyway. The heaters were used to full capacity and did their job well.
Dean felt well enough to do a little work off and on during the day so he got some of the deck things done. Dianne even came over and sat and we visited while I finished up just before Marc and Michelle arrived. 
Michelle, Marc and Trinity arrived shortly after 3 and we went to work finishing the deck. Michelle went for ice. Marc and I brought up the wicker furniture. Trinity put the cushions on and set some candles. That really took care of the deck until time for folks to start coming. 

I taught Trinity how to use the new juicer and she had a large glass of fresh oj that she had squeezed. Then she squeezed juice for all the family for breakfast ~ freeing me to empty the dishwasher and keep on with the cleaning up that Michelle and others had started so well last night. 
We had appetizers out and things ready when five o’clock came. Dianne had said she would come on over which she did. Diane and Larry arrived shortly after 5 and people came right on after that so that when Carrie arrived shortly after 6 we were ready to eat. Ham and salmon came off the grill, Tuck’s clam chowder was a Huge hit, salads, roasted parmesan potatoes, homemade salsa, chili verde and tamales made up the meal with homemade peach and cherry pie and cookies for dessert. 

People had a wonderful time and seemed truly gratified to have been included. Some memories:
~ Larry and Marc sitting in intense conversation for a Long time.
~ Trinity taking over nicely as the “older” one whose territory it was and being quite the hostess for Jake and Simone
~ Trinity and Jake on either side of Simone holding her hands up and down the hill
~ Having some outside of gym time with Diane
~ Jade rolling off the hammock and the worried frown that appeared on Trinity’s face until she was sure Jade wasn’t hurt 
~ Michelle cleaning up and Sharon and Diane pitching in and helping her
~ Simone and Jade in their matching pajamas
~ Michelle and Tuck beginning to sing inside and people gathering to listen

~ The Supermoon rising ~ and all of us out to the hillside to watch

        ~ More Tuck and Michelle singing for just Bev, Marc and me by now
~ Their singing “I’m A Believer” for me as their last song and dancing in my living room, my aching body releasing some of the tension and wear of the day. Better than any Advil! 

~ Knowing that Michelle and family were spending the night so I would see them again this morning. 
I love introducing neat people to neat people. I didn’t really introduce ~ I just said, tell people your name and how you know us. It must have worked because I saw lots of handshakes and Lots of conversational duos and trios that seemed to ebb and flow for the whole evening.

There was some work involved and now the deck is ready to do it again. Otherwise it was easy ~ decide on a guest list, email folks and tell them it’s a pot luck and enjoy. Delightful evening.