Sunday, May 28, 2017


  1. Applesauce: having been sad for almost a year that my homemade applesauce was gone and I had not made anymore, Dean found two little containers in the garage freezer. Yay!! So good on my toast this morning. 
  2. About two weeks ago I posted  on FB that I had washed my puffy vest for the last time this season and put it away. Nope. A light weight puffy vest is a year ‘round garment in Tahoe. I continue to wear it on my morning walk and sometimes even up into the morning. Perfect. 
  3. It would be nice if the DMV could organize their records so that all our registrations came due at the same time. As it is, the camper update arrived at the same time the request for the Honda’s renewal. It won’t be long after that is paid that the request for the Buick will arrive. 
  4. Stage managing the River Breakfast again this year, a one hour production of incredible timing. Just a little worried about the presenter who refuses a script although she will work from an outline. I may have to cut her mike. oops. I’ll let you know. The other option is that she has rehearsed enough that she has it down to her allotted five minutes. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Take a Breath

On FB today a friend commented that DT was really getting her down. I remembered a good analogy from a friend shortly after the inauguration. When you play in an orchestra or sing in a chorus, there may be passages of music requiring the musicians to play or sing the same note for a number of measures. The trick is for you to breathe when you need to because others in your section will be continuing to hold the note. Not everyone will need to breathe at the same time so the music will continue.

I believe that is true of the resistance today. Sometimes we do get tired of the “not normal” in which we live. When that happens it is time to stop, take a break from the news, concentrate on our families, breathe ~ because the resistance is continuing. None of us has to carry this burden alone. Blessings to you all ~ 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Grands

We had a wonderful trip to SoCal and a really good visit with lots of grands.
Just for fun, here are some of them and their experiences while we were there.

Happy sister and brother.

Made it down the slide by myself . . . 

 . . .and when you applaud for me, I will definitely take a bow!

Pretty cousins up the tree.

Thinking outside the box.

In lieu of a white board! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers' Day Activity

The granddaughters invited me to sleep at their house last night which I did. This morning we had a lovely, easy morning together as their dad bustled about in the kitchen making breakfast for us all. Then all the family females went to The Painted Earth, a pottery painting place.

I had never been to such a place before. It is delightful. They had all sorts of white pottery objects from animals, to platters and serving bowls of all sizes, mugs, signs, and tiles of various shapes. You chose your object, gathered your paints and set to work. We had brought snacks as our reservation was at noon so it was both necessary and fun to nibble (in lieu of whistling?) while we worked.

The objects take at least a week to fire. Mandy will bring me my platter when we all meet at Jake's graduation. At that point I will show you a picture of the finished product. For now this is the only photo I have.

I'm sorry it is so dark. Can you at least tell the mug she has chosen has a sea horse handle? She painted the sea horse yellow and the mug sea blue with shading and green seaweed rising from the bottom. Her mother also painted a mug and her sister a seashell shaped box for her dressing table. I had a great time because it was an activity I could do with the girls and not just watch, like soccer and swimming and dance lessons. All of us worked diligently and intensely for three hours. It was a definitely delight day!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mothers' Day

I know, I know - on Mothers' Day, we are supposed to extol our mothers and talk about how wonderful they are or how we miss them. Today, may my mother and step-mother forgive me,  I intend to break that mold and talk about me! Not me per se, but how I am seen through the eyes of one granddaughter who wrote me this delightful letter in celebration of the day. 

Dear Mama Susan,
You mean a lot to me. I love you so much. Here are reasons why I love you.
You are Spectacular, caring, pretty, good cook, and most of all
Happy Mothers' Day. I love you.
Now, folks, I will tell you that my already considerable ego took a jump when I read those words. Thank you, Megan, my darling! You are rather awesome yourself and I love you very much!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SoCal Grands

One week at home and we were off to visit grands in a southern direction. For some reason I am not taking pictures with the rapidity of usual so have missed several opportunities. I have promised myself to do better. This is a good start though. 

Pretty Lettie posing on her exercise ball.

Handsome Levi, handsome Dad.

Levi wanted on my lap and then decided he wanted to share my 
breakfast. The scrambled eggs were great and then we tried
pineapple for the first time. 

The verdict? Yummmmm - let's have more. 
He was back for more eggs this morning and cried when the plate was empty.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Ashland Posts

A few final pictures from my wonderful trip to Ashland.

Mama Susan and Joshua

Sam and Joshua

Akira, Mama Susan and Trinity

Spring trees on my morning walk in Ashland.
It is always wonderful to go and always good to come home.
Random learnings:
1) The drive is a lot easier when you are not getting sick. 
2) There is a lot of oxygen in Ashland. Not so much in Tahoe.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Ashland Exercise

Exercise is important and fun and in my Ashland family, one of the practices is Arnis de Mano.
All three grands and their dad practice it. There must be a pattern to the movement because the clicking of the sticks is rhythmic. 
Below Joshua and Akira practice this art. I'm sorry I didn't take a video so you could hear the sounds.

Trinity understand that exercise is both physical and mental and so takes some time to stand in the sun, circle her hula hoop, and read her book.