Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wind Blows

The wind blows.
The pines whisper of changing seasons.
The temperature suggests, ever so gently, that change is coming.
Early morning grey takes longer to turn to blue.
Clouds that yesterday were fluffy seem threatening.
Pine needles rustle to the ground whispering
"fall, fall, fall."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Dinner

What a Delightful evening! My half of the clan gathered in one place at one time and ate and laughed and told stories and caught up and filled the house with love and joy and Life! Both sons-in-law are chefs so we didn't just eat, we Feasted! Prime rib, veggies including fresh corn on the cob and Yorkshire pudding! Sometimes called popovers. And because one son-in-law has Canadian/British roots, we had Yorkshire pudding ~ the real thing! Oh Yum!

It was one of those family evenings that is almost out of memory even if you never had one. The kitchen was filled with people, aromas, laughter, discussion of cooking times, seasonings and preparation suggestions. Then the kitchen would be left alone and we would all be in the living room talking and sharing until the timer dinged and back to the kitchen for more culinary merriment. The table became a "groaning board" as we passed around every dish and then became Very Silent as we savored all the wonderful tastes prepared with such love and joy.

It was Wonderful. And as all wonder, mixed with a little poignancy as we may not have a chance to be all together again for quite a while. Maybe that added spice to the event. I don't know. I do know it was delightful, wonderful and will live in memory for a long, long time. ~ blessings

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random thoughts

Writing a blog is not quite the same for me as writing in my journal although I know there are folks who use it that way. I still like the daily jottings of the journal although I haven't done it for a while. Even as I don't write for comments or for anyone who might read this, I still think I owe it to you to reflect on something a little worthwhile and not just daily ordinary stuff. Ah well ~ for now this is my journal for the day.

It's another gorgeous day in the mountains. We will be heading down the hill later to go to the Genoa Candy Dance - a Huge arts festival that covers the entire little town of Genoa. Afterwards we will have dinner at Daughter's house where my whole family will be present as the other Daughter and husband come through on their way to somewhere else. Son-in-law is preparing dinner. Apropos of yesterday's entry, three our sons-in-law also cook. And very well. Tonight's dinner should be fun.

I like seeing my friends names on my message board even though we may not be chatting. Just the name, knowing they are on their computers, is a connection.

The day is warming up - not sure when the temperature is going to drop during the day and for now the nights are chilly and the days are Very warm - almost hot for up here. Today in Genoa will be hot. Suddenly the deck is dark at 7 and I find myself ready to go to bed much earlier than I have been - not to sleep, just to be in bed, read and relax. When it stays light until 9 or after, I don't get in bed until much later - dark. I really am attuned to the light.

See what I mean? Very random and ordinary -- and with blessings

Friday, September 25, 2009

In Praise of Sons-in-Law

Between us Dean and I have 5 "children": 4 daughters and a son. They are terrific. And the daughters are all married to amazing men ~ ergo today I want to praise them and give them credit for this last week in their lives.

First and most importantly, they are wonderful fathers and uncles!

Secondly, and the reason we are raising a toast to them this morning, is that they have all come through the economic crisis steadily and strongly. This past week has seen
#1 sign a new 5-year contract at the university where he coaches
#2 sign a new contract with a brand new company (for him)
#3 sign a new contract with a new (well established) company just moving to his town
#4 sign a new contract with an international company taking him and Daughter out of the country and doing what they love best - living the gypsy life

As one of them said this week, "it is rough out there" ~ and all four have been in various stages of economic uncertainty. So we are Very Proud of all of them ~ as fathers, as providers, as men with a work ethic, and as guys who are fun to be around, talk with, and watch play with the kids in the family. Blessings to them all ~ and to you

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wall Project 2

Note the wall behind the desk - it is now blue

. . . as is the wall over the fireplace.
And note the ceiling panel as well.
Dean's idea to paint the wall - mine
to paint the ceiling panel. We make
a good team. :) ~ blessings

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Done!

The walls are done (we added two little ones). Until tomorrow morning when they are dry and all the little tiny white spots show through.

This is So Right - The whole place looks better, even the parts that haven't been painted. Very nice - pictures later when things are back in place. ~ blessings

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wall Project 2

See the wall behind the desk? We've decided to paint that one too and I think I just may do it this weekend. We'll see.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Wall Project

The Way it Was --
The changeover takes place
The finished product - yay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A new blue wall

We are in the midst of an "art project". We have painted an entire wall blue and are going to hang a beautiful rug as a tapestry. Great!

And to create the scaffoldings to get to the topmost corner of the wall, all the counter tops on one side of the kitchen had to be cleared. I am not putting anything back until the project is done --- and until I have had a chance to sort through everything that came off. We prefer not to use the counter tops as storage space and as life goes on that happens. So I am hoping, planning, intending that only those absolutely necessary things are returned to the at present Very Clean counter tops. I'll let you know how that turns out.

And of course I will post pictures of the new project -- it is really neat and Wonderful to have good friends helping!! ~ blessings

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Tuesday during the President's speech to school children, Go To School with your child. Listen to the speech with your child. Discuss the speech with your child. Ask what your child heard the President say ~ and listen to the answer. Tell your child what You heard the President say. Disagree or agree with the President. Either is fine. You are sharing with your child your beliefs and understandings. You are finding out what your child thinks. You are involved in your child's education. You are giving your child permission to listen, to think, to talk with you about Anything. That in itself is a Valuable education. Go for it! ~ with blessings

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Describing Biscuits

George Bernard Shaw once said something like, America and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.

Ran smack into this one yesterday afternoon chatting with a friend in Wales. I was telling her about finding Pillsbury frozen biscuits which my cousin uses in her B&B. She swears no one can tell them from the real thing. We are close to the end of that part of the chat when my English (she only lives in Wales) friend says that her daughter who manages a Subway gives her a cookie with her salads or sandwiches so she doesn't need to make any more. . . . *ding* . . . oops, I have been talking biscuits, she has been seeing Cookies!

Ok, let's explain that I don't mean a cookie, I mean a biscuit. Yes? Except that the word biscuit means a cookie to her. Not as easy as it sounds. She really had No Idea. The more I explained, the more questions she had. I finally settled on sending a recipe last night and this morning will take pictures and send them. One day I may even have to make biscuits and send her pics of the process. Meanwhile, the next time she comes - she's been here twice - I will have to make or at least have biscuits.

Interesting process - have a great day, enjoy your weekend! ~ with blessings

Friday, September 4, 2009

Random thoughts

1) If we go on a walk and leave Tessie at home (resting her bad hips) and there is a way out of the house, she Will find it and join the walk regardless.

2) Eric, the landscaper who lives two doors down, is putting two of his men to work on some trail maintenance this morning. Hurray for Eric for thinking of it and Nachos (that's what he said, I asked twice) and Juan for doing the raking and cleaning. Since the fire clearing, the trail has not been visible and we have had to find our way again.

3) As a daughter reminds me, Always reboot your computer first when you have problem, no matter what the computer tells you.

4) Degrees of separation: a short message about health care showed up on my Face Book site yesterday - and kept showing up - and finally was there from people who could not Possibly know each other - and people from all over the country. FB has taken away Any degree of separation we might have had. Have to think about that . . .

5) There is something about September: the mornings are suddenly Really Chilly. Days warm up beautifully and still feel like summer. Early mornings bespeak of fall. Won't be long before the morning fire appears.

6) Enjoying the gathering that is -- hmmm -- gathering on the deck for Monday night picnic. Neighbors, family, friends from VA, friends from town ~ youngest will be about 2, oldest about 75. A wide variety of conversation and fun and good food.

7) Prayers: if someone says they will pray for me or my friends, I say Thank you. Even if I know they are going to pray for my "soul" or to "save me". Prayers to God (by whatever name) on my behalf will be heard and interpreted by the Deity for my best interest.

8) Morning hot tub sits are very nice -- come in from a walk, be a little sweaty, a little sore, and bask for a few minutes before the shower and moving into the busy day - Very Nice!

~ blessings

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fragility of Life

Friends' 22 year old son died of cardiac arrest this week. Twenty-two. That's not the way it is supposed to be. With blessings to all his family and friends ~