Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another Tradition Broken

The last day of the month and except for missing the day of the accident and blogging twice the next day, I have blogged every day. I think I am going to take a breath and relax, although I have to admit, the subject matters came to me more easily than I expected. I have a friend who blogs 5 days a week, others once a week, and others whenever the notion comes ~ like I do. Back to that random routine I think ~ though maybe more often now that I realize how easy it is. 

Re: Black Friday shopping. I can state very clearly that I have never shopped on Black Friday ~ except . . .. Yesterday we did something we do almost every Friday: we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and then took donations to the Hospice Thrift Shop around the corner where we almost always bring home about the same amount we donate. Yesterday it was a little more crowded than usual as it was a holiday and the last two days of the month which meant everything was half off. By “a little more crowded” I mean there were maybe 10 of us in the shop at the same time. Dean did what he always does and found four wonderful shirts and I found a lovely, snuggly, soft fleece robe and a little glass bowl. 

Then we stopped by the pharmacy and I found two pair of fuzzy socks and a red ear band to wear on my cold morning walks. So ~ I guess I have to admit to shopping on Black Friday. There is at least a once-a-year advantage to living in a very small resort town that doesn’t have large department stores: Black Friday looks about like every other Friday for us. 

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