Monday, November 18, 2013

Comparisons are Good

I have a friend who is the mother of twins and she posts a lot of pictures of the girls' activities. Once in a while she will post pictures from various years and we get to see how the twins have grown, changed, and developed from 4 to 5 to 6.
Taking a page from her book, I couldn't resist. I don't think we have changed as much as the twins do and maybe at our age that's a good thing. 

Dean's 70th birthday dinner with friends, 2012

Dean's 71st birthday dinner with friends, 2013.
I can't believe I wore the same sweater!!

We had a delightful time: good atmosphere, good food, good conversation and a drive to and from under a full moon over the lake. Perfect! I'm you glad you keep having birthdays, Dean. They provide a lot of fun and good times.


Elizabeth said...

Looking great!

Tahoe Mom said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! Just not as changed as the twins.