Saturday, November 23, 2013

Still Smiling ~

When my daughter Michelle was pregnant with Joshua, my first grandson, a friend of mine was almost late to a rehearsal and she apologized because her 3-year-old grandson had wanted to call her. 

I gasped. “They want to Call you???” I got so excited to think that one day this baby who had not even been born yet might one day want to call his Mama Susan. And of course, he did. And then of course he didn’t. They become involved in their own lives and grandparents are once removed and so we don’t hear from them even when they hear from us. 

The other night I was starting to prepare my dinner when the phone rang. It was Joshua. He too was preparing dinner and his girl friend had read my letter to him while he cooked. He decided to call. Delightful!!!

We talked about one of his college classes and a movie I had recently seen. Ordinary stuff. So Special to hear his voice and know that even now, once in a while, he still wants to call his Mama Susan. Made me quite happy.

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