Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Self Awareness?

== not sure I am up to multi-tasking any more. Or at least not more than one Big Thing in a day.

I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself as each day starts with an hour's workout at my gym. I don't consider that a big thing. Yesterday after gym,  I was going to do A & B, doing C today. Instead yesterday I did A and b, c, d, e , f and today C and saving B until Wednesday. Phew. 

It's all those little letters that get me: groceries, post office, unloading and putting away groceries, walking out back with Oso. By the time I get through all the little ones and get around to the Big One, I have energy for only one of those a day. So I adjust and am grateful I am able to do that. Take care ~ and regardless of your age and energy level and how many Bigs and littles there are in your life, be aware and enjoy. 

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