Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Missed Monday

Yes, I missed my intention to blog every day in November. At first that was ok - we were up early and on the road a couple of days sooner than we expected to be. I was going to have plenty of time to write my blog when we were home.

And then - wham! Bumped around. What was that??? Dean checked the rear view mirror and a motorcyclist had run into us. Thank God, we were all in the far left lane so he was thrown out of the stream of traffic. He was OK. EMTs left with an empty ambulance and he was close enough to home that someone came for him. After all the paper and police work, we drove home. Phew.

And ~ I was jumpy if anyone was behind us and jumpy if Dean was "too close" (in my head) to the car in front of us. I think I told him every time the speed limit changed even when he was already slowing down. We hadn't had breakfast yet and I was hungry. And then I had no appetite at all. And by the time we stopped I was Hungry. Ate a Huge breakfast ~ and drank three cups of strong sweet tea. OK.

Another hour or so down the road and suddenly I Needed Chocolate!!! Not just a bite of chocolate - Chocolate!!! A rest stop provided a store with candy and we both loaded up - for us. It really wasn't much but to us it was. Next stop we dug into the brisket in the cooler for protein and then I ate some more chocolate. Dean's treats were a little more healthy - yogurt covered raisins. He ate a lot of them though.

Still - I had blog fodder for when I got home. Home ~ and I was Tired. Dean collapsed in front of the tv and looking at our analogue clocks I prepared for bed, realized it was an hour earlier, re-set the clocks and went to bed to read anyway. There was just no energy to turn on the computer and write. Before 9 I turned off my light, laid my book aside, and was out. Slept well and here I am. Blogging and ready to unload the car, do laundry, put away Costco purchases and get on with life. And life over-took  my daily blog intention. Maybe I will post two today just to catch up.

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