Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Sunday Musings

We had a delightful time last night. We had another couple come to dinner. Dean smoked our Thanksgiving turkey which we will eat more of on Thursday - but with just the two of us here, we don't need a presentation. We will just add traditional Thanksgiving sides to this delicious turkey.

I refreshed the candles as this was the first time we had had people to dinner since we could eat on the deck. The house is lovely with candle light. I intend to light them for myself now as I sit here in the living room a lot at night. And then soon after Thanksgiving I will add the Christmas candles to the mix. 

It has also been cold enough that a fire was quite in order and it blazed cheerfully for the evening. 

Although this couple is younger than we are, he has an early morning job and had a hip replacement about 3 weeks ago, so they were ok to come early - at 5:30 - and left shortly after 8. Yesterday was our son-in-law's birthday and he was being taken out to dinner at a very nice New Orleans' restaurant. At 8:30 I received a text of the handsome birthday man, dressed for his evening out. Meaning - I think - their reservations would have been for 9 o'clock. They started just as we were winding down. I don't think it has to do with age as much as their being night people (good to be if you live in New Orleans) and we being morning people. 

Oh my - next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent. I need to prepare my Advent candles and wreath. The last few years it has looked rather non-traditional. Have to think about that and mainly buy some more candles. And with those musings, the day begins. 

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