Friday, November 29, 2013

Still Giving Thanks!

One of the nice things about being our age is that we have lots of traditions and are old enough to understand that if we break one or two no one is really going to turn over in their grave. And so we had fun planning our “just us” Thanksgiving day. 

After various conversations centered mostly on my need to keep it simple and easy, we ended with the perfect day. It started with a lovely long walk around the loop ~ Oso running so much further than we walked. Then we sat in the hot tub. During the day we talked to my family in New Orleans and Skyped with those family in Ashland. We sat down to dinner about 1:30. 

I set out the good silver and china. Dinner was smoked turkey ~ smoked last Saturday as we had company to dinner. I think we have learned that smoking the turkey and letting it sit for several days makes for a more delicious turkey. It doesn’t yell “Smoked!!” at you. Rather there is a subtle flavor that permeates the meat and makes it really delicious. Because I can only make dressing in Huge amounts, we let the dressing go this year. Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies and Dean’s good gravy made up the rest of the meal. And because I really was about easy this year, I requested being dismissed as pie maker. Instead we had brownies from our really good bakery and ice cream. Traditions broken, no one turned in their grave and we had a Wonderful meal and a delightful day. Many thanks for many blessings ~ 


Mike Christie said...

Love it! I expect to have a blog post early next week about breaking a long-held Thanksgiving tradition this year.

Tahoe Mom said...

I look forward to it!