Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reflections on The After Dinner Nap

My first husband had a rather endearing habit of an after dinner nap. These were the days of the “Nightly News” and he would declare his intention of watching Peter Jennings to see what was happening in the world. He would settle down in front of the television, his head would drop slowly to his chest and for the 30 minutes that Peter told us about world events, Rex would nap. When the news was over, he would get up and be about his business, grading papers, loading the dishwasher, meetings, choir practice, whatever the evening held for him. Often it was one or so AM when he finally came to bed. 

Now that was endearing in him, but I certainly didn’t understand it, really understand it, until last night. I haven’t been sleeping well. Several nights recently I have been awake and restless and pacing and . . . and . . . and . . .
It has been very frustrating. So I decided to relax and (in the words of my present husband) turn that frustration into fascination. 

So last night when I dozed over my book, turned out the light and slept for less than an hour and woke just as Dean was turning off his light, I decided to let it be. I got up, pulled on a robe and slippers, took my book and came out of the bed room. For a couple of hours I puttered. I unloaded the dish- washer, usually my first task in the morning. I read. I turned on my computer and wrote and played a game or two. Checked a couple of blogs I haven’t read  recently and even planned a blog of my own. I even had a cup of hot cider to ward off the chill of the night. 

Then I took my book back to bed, read for a little while longer, went to sleep and slept. Had a really good night’s sleep actually and feel fine this morning. Even though I got up a bit later than usual, the dishwasher was already unloaded so one task down. I feel fine. And ~ no frustration for not being able to sleep. I was awake so I did wakeful things and then I slept. It works. 


Grandma Carol said...

Google first sleep second sleep. I found this interesting:

Tahoe Mom said...

Thanks, Carol. I will. A Lynchburg friend by coincidence posted that same day an article about the history of this second sleep. I'll post that link soon.