Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do what works for you ~

One more comment about food planning, dieting or whatever. You do what works for you. I have a friend who is in a group of women working on appetite control. She is doing very well and almost immediately it was obviously she was beginning to lose weight. We talk about our food plans and there are two things that differ dramatically as far as I’m concerned. 

The nutritional part of her plan contains a lot of don’ts. Don’t eat starch. Don’t eat sugars. Don’t eat . . . don’t eat . . . don’t eat. Mine says, nothing is off limits As Long As you put it in your point count. Just knowing that is helpful to me and along the way I have found myself eating a lot less starch, sugars, etc because I choose to put other foods in that point count. 

Secondly, they are learning portion control through eyeballing the size of the portion. Eat a golf ball sized portion. Oh, friends, do you know how fast my golf ball would be come a tennis ball under that plan? I need the discipline of the 1/2 cup, the weighed 2 or 3 ounces. I do judge well for one meal staying close to the amount if I am eating away from my cups and scale. In the long run, I need the discipline of measurement. 

Moral: we are both losing. We are doing what works for us to make us healthier. Continued luck to us both and to you in whatever you are doing to be the healthiest you can be! 


Mike Christie said...

And as per the exchange we had on my blog, "Listen to your body."

Tahoe Mom said...

That's right. Thanks for remembering, Mike!