Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ~

And here’s my list: 
My wonderful family ~ large, boisterous, 5 kids and their respective spouses, 12 grandchildren, one dog, great memories of my first husband, and a second husband whom I love and who is responsible for a good portion of this large and delightful family.
~ plus, wonderful cousins with whom I am still in touch and whose kids I know and love ~ Family. Thanks be. 

Friends ~ those close at hand and those farther afield with whom I am in touch by email, phone, even in a couple of cases letters; and of course Facebook friends ~ people with whom I would not be in touch except for this form of technology. I am continually blessed with posts of daily doings, recipes, pictures of kids and grandkids. I don’t pay a lot of attention to political or cat postings. I do enjoy learning about life. 

My country ~ based on a Constitution and in spite of all the turmoil, all the contention, all the anger and disagreement, is still a country of basically decent people who live by the laws and turn those laws over by vote not by coup. 

Our military ~ wonderful young men and women who say “yes” to defend and protect and go into harms way for you and me.

A Bunch of Little and not so Little Stuff ~ clean sheets, indoor plumbing, anesthetic, modern surgical techniques, airline travel (remember I have a college granddaughter in the Czech Republic this year and a tiny one in China visiting her other grandparents for a while), insurance of all kinds, a morning fire, our pressure cooker, Skype for video chats with that far flung family, a beautiful forest around our home, chipmunks, bears, and birds, and . . . and . . . and ~ and you for stopping by and reading and being in this wonderful world. Blessings and Thanks ~ 

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