Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sons-in-law 3

Son-in-law three, Dave. Now we all know that most fathers are heroes to their children, standing taller and stronger and wiser than it is possible for any human being to be. Dave, because he is a good dad, became a hero in the real sense of the word to his five-year-old not long ago. You may have seen the blog about the car that crashed into the house, breaking the gas line and setting everything on fire. Dave's house. He made sure his family was out of there and safe. And made a Great Story for show and tell the next few days in school!

He works in financial management and planning and not only reads to his children but also participates in a business program in which he goes into the elementary schools to teach about money and saving and, to the very young ones, the difference between "want" and "need".

True to his stereotype, the red-headed Dave is passionate about his family, his extended family of nieces and nephews, ideas and possibilities. Whether in a bank building, a school building or on a couch with a book and two-year-old, Dave is interested and interesting and a good man to have around. 

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