Friday, November 1, 2013

Day One!

I understand that November is a Blog a Day Month. I thought I might try that. My writings won’t be as creative as the writer who told me this. However, mine will be mine so ~ here we go. 

I am sitting in a meeting of PhD graduates of the Drucker School of Business. Dean has put this together and is the facilitator of the amazing conversation from these folks. Lots of wisdom around this table. 

They are here to help the school bring back the Executive PhD program. It is wonderful to hear the stories, the ideas, the vision here. 

I am here as Dean’s wife ~ and I listen to the management discussion and realize I had over 30 years of management ~ of a stage, actors, crews, even stage mothers. Although I don’t enter into the discussion often because a lot of it focuses on how to help their graduate school, I know that I too have wisdom to share. Very affirming. 

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