Monday, November 25, 2013

Popcorn It Is!

What is there about a Sunday afternoon that brings on this incredible craving for popcorn? I don’t even think about popcorn most of the time. Even if I see the box in the cabinet, I just see the box. I don’t desire, want and certainly don’t crave it. I just know it’s there for another time. And this doesn’t happen every Sunday afternoon. But when the craving hits, it is a Sunday afternoon and it is a Craving. 

As my daughters were growing up, their father and I had what we called “stuff” for Sunday supper. My father had always taken us out for the Sunday noon meal. Because Rex’s father was a pastor and his mom taught Sunday school and sang in the choir, they would go out to eat for Sunday lunch. It was therefore natural for Rex and me to do the same when we married. So - we had a big lunch. What to have for dinner? Oh let’s just have stuff: pop some corn, put out some peanut butter and crackers, some slices of fruit and maybe have a little ice cream ~ stuff. And Stuff it became. 

Popcorn was always the center of the spread, no matter what else went with it ~ popcorn to start, ice cream to finish. Which may be the reason why the popcorn craving comes, it comes on a Sunday afternoon. I don’t know. What I do know is: I give in to the craving. Yum! 

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