Saturday, December 12, 2015


Woo-hoo, I'm in Woo. That's Worcester MA for the uninitiated. Yesterday was spent in recovery from the long, long day on Thursday. It did include the Peanuts movie, which is another review type blog. Let me say though, if you know and love the Peanuts gang, see this movie!!

Today we walked a lovely greenway that they use often. Three miles with a rushing creek on one side and a live railroad track on the other. It was 60 degrees by the time we returned to the house. Sixty in MA in December. Wow!

Meredith and David on the path.

Me on the path.

Lovely, velvety blossoms of some sort.

After lunch we went to Grafton and I took a picture of the first church on the square. There were two more that looked almost exactly like this one. 

Meredith and David in the gazebo in the park. We crossed the street to the country store where I bought another scarf and we had ice cream.

And as we were leaving, look who we saw walking his dog instead of his reindeer. He very graciously allowed me to take a picture. Delightful day. 

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