Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kyle's Birthday

Gold star grandson was 25 this week so tonight we had a small party for him. I was willing for it to be a larger party and it ended up being our next door neighbor and us. That was ok. We made it work. 
Tradition in my family is that the birthday person chooses the menu for the evening (or the restaurant if we're going out). Kyle decided on an interesting menu: Artichoke dip, Onion soup and Bacon wrapped asparagus. 

Having never made artichoke dip, I was very pleased as the men gathered around and went to eating. 

Neighbor came to dinner and joined them next to the artichoke dip.

Onion soup and bacon wrapped asparagus. 

We were glad to be together, sharing stories and having a good time as we ate good food.

Happy Birthday to you ~ candle on ice cream. He blew out a wish. It was small, intimate and delightful and Kyle's choice for dinner stretched me to realize I can make hot artichoke dip and bacon wrapped asparagus. What a good time!!

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