Thursday, December 17, 2015

Woo: The Longfellow Wayside Inn

Oh, my dear friends and readers  ~ While in Worcester, we went to the Longfellow Wayside Inn and I found myself in the middle of history. First of all, you notice on the sign that the Inn has been in continuous operation since 1716. History.
If you will look closely behind me under the sign you see a modern road with the yellow stripes down the center. Over my other shoulder you see a little grey strip that comes off the main road ~ 

~ comes right to the door of the Inn and is indeed, The

Whether the sign is really old or has been weathered to look that way makes no difference to me. I asked to be sure and that road in front of the Inn is indeed the Old Boston Post Road. How many carriages, riders, coaches have pulled up in front of the Inn since 1716, travelers grateful to have a stop on the way to and from Boston. 

"Washington passed this place on his way to Cambridge to take command of the patriot army, June 1775"

We were met at the door by Jonathan, a Minute Man, who kissed my hand and called me Mistress, the title of respect for older women in those days. I'm in love. 

He showed me how to hold the 12 - pound rifle. I have only held one other gun in my life and it didn't come close to weighing 12 pounds. I gained a new perspective on all the pictures and stories about the revolutionary soldiers who marched for miles carrying this rifle plus powder and food and all their other needs for battle.

David also learned the proper way to hold the rifle.

And then, taking us across the road to a stretch of green, Jonathan demonstrated the use of the rifle. It took a while to load ~ one shot and you had to do it again. Like I said, another perspective for me.

Ready ~ 

Aim ~ 

I stood on the Old Boston Post Road and visited with a Minute Man.
What more could a history fan want?

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