Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Woo Food

It took less than the 72 hours I spent in Worcester for Meredith and David to spoil me around food. David is an amazing cook - a gourmet cook of the finest kind who loves cooking and laying the food on the table in a beautiful presentation.

Salad. We had several of these to accompany delicious entrees. 

The entree' with one above was rack of lamb and roasted potatoes with rosemary.

Breakfast at his suggestion and my request was a scramble with veggies and bacon and cheese. This morning my bread was a poppy seed roll bought at their incredible store, Wegman's. Another morning bread was a toasted English muffin with David's homemade strawberry jam. Homemade jam is so different than any out of a jar from the store.

We also ate at the Wayside Inn (more about the Inn later).
Meredith's butternut squash ravioli.

My lobster caserole was preceded by a cup of the very best lobster bisque I have ever had. 

David's roast goose ~ and of course me, looking more and more like my cousin Evelyn.

Indian pudding with ice cream. Yum!!! Also the best of this kind I have ever had and because I love the name, I have tried it several times. Like rich gingerbread. Yummy!

The food we ate out which included ice cream, Dunkin' Donuts (my last morning at the airport), popcorn and hot dogs at the movie, was all good and fun and delicious. This morning though I knew it was really David who had spoiled me. I found myself standing in my kitchen opening cabinets and drawers and the fridge and thinking, "I am hungry. Where is David? He is supposed to be standing in here making lovely suggestions from which I may choose one and it will be laid before me in style in a few minutes. Where is David??" 


Mike Christie said...

Marvelous! David puts my presentation skills to shame.

Tahoe Mom said...

He is amazing. Helicopter pilot by day - gourmet cook by night. :D