Thursday, December 3, 2015

Decorating Day

Today Kyle and I decorated the tree and a couple of places in the house. I did something I don't usually do and turned the lights on in the middle of the day. You can't really tell and it is very dark outside, storm clouds being rushed in by the wind that has been blowing all day. There's a little snow whipping around but no great accumulation yet. Kyle was a great help and he and I shared Christmas stories. I told more because the ornaments he was helping hang were mostly mine. Ornament stories were fun to share. It was also fun to have a decorating partner who enjoyed himself and was even willing to run to the store when we needed more lights.

Please, note the placement of the nativity scene on the table clustered within a large low branch of the tree. That thought came to me in the middle of the night last night. These figures were bought in the mid-60s during the Civil Rights Movement when African Americans in the South demanded work for dignity and a decent wage. They set up an arts community and sold this nativity among other things. It has graced some platform at Christmas every year since except last. I'm glad to have it out again in a very special place. 

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