Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day, 2015

The day began with the lighting of the Christ candle. All candles lit. Hope is born.

My two men enjoyed a moment together. 

Kyle found some surprises under the tree. 

Oso received a gift from his friend Stormy. It was
small enough to play with in the house so he kept it close all day. 

Kyle wanted us to see his Christmas Eve project. Wow.

We were invited next door to a delicious brunch.
My hot chocolate was the real thing. 

Dean, looking rather Elfish in red and green. 
Note the Christmas socks, green with wreaths.

Back at our house, dinner was early enough that we could all eat before Kyle left for work. During the day we received calls in some form or another from all the family. I remember and miss the hoopla of a house full of kids on Christmas morning. At the same time it was really nice to have a gentle, rather quiet Christmas Day. There was actually time to remember our blessings and be grateful. And so once again I hope you had a blessed day and created memories that will last all year through. 

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