Friday, December 11, 2015

A Long, Long Day

There is nothing quite so empty as a large metropolitan airport (in this case Boston Logan) at one o'clock in the morning. And how do I know this?

Up at 6, left home at 7 in the pouring rain, arrived at the Reno airport at 8 for a 9:25 flight. All was well. Until we were on the plane and ready to go and the wind was gusting at 46 knots. FAA regulations will not let planes take off into gusts above 31 knots. Okay - we weren't going anywhere for a while. So we sat. And we taxied a little ways and we sat. Finally the wind knots dropped to 26 and we could take off ~ except a little plane trying to land at the Minden airport, overshot that airport and ended up in our air space. So we sat a little while longer and finally left Reno too late for me to make my connection in Phoenix.

Meredith knew all this by text and went to work talking to American Airlines to change my reservation. While she and the agent were talking, the automatic change system went to work too and by the time I was in the air and could go on line, I had another reservation on a later flight. Perfect. We would have separate dinners as I was to get in at 11, and that was ok.

Got a new boarding pass. Had a nice lunch. Arrived back at my gate to discover my 4:15 flight had been moved to 5:10 . . . and to 5:45 . . . and finally to 6:30. Meredith assured me not to worry. They would be waiting. And they were ~ on the other side of security in a very empty airport at one o'clock in the morning.

I'm glad we don't have anything planned for today. Take it easy, visit, be together. Maybe watch George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol ~ a family tradition that we haven't done together in a long time. It was a long day yesterday and thanks to California time, I arrived in Boston at 10 o'clock Tahoe time. At 10 the night before I was unloading the dishwasher so looked at that way, it was an ordinary day. Still, in Boston, it was a very empty airport and bed felt very good.


Grandma Carol said...

So glad you finally made it safely. Reminds me of my flight (with Lynn and family) to Colorado a year ago last August. Too long to tell the whole story, but finally arrived at Denver 12 hours late.
Say Hi! to the Boston folks for me. Hugs, Carol

Tahoe Mom said...

Read your comment to them and they responded with great grins. Having a wonderful time and about to post some pictures. Hugs to you too, Susan