Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ritz Bits

Planning this blog of random pictures from the Ritz, I decided on the title thinking I was really clever until I remembered there were crackers by this name. So ~ with apologies to the cracker company, here is a snack for your eyes instead of your tummy.

There are interesting plants in the area.

After sitting in the hot tub, you wait for your manicure in this setting.

My morning tea arrives in this delightful little pot.

The butter, sitting on a slab of lava rock, had sea salt on top.

The beach is not all smooth and easy treading.

Dean was given this card. Although there is a not a specific looking place, because it is folded, there is a place at our room number where he could tuck the card if he wanted people to know he was in the room. It is, after all, the Ritz!

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