Sunday, January 25, 2015

More of the Awards Event

A pipe band led us into dinner.

Program ~ and little glass of (they tell me) amazing Scotch whiskey for the toasts of the evening. We got to keep the glass as a souvenir.


One my other side was the precious Owlet.

The Haggis. This was paraded in accompanied by pipes and when in the place of honor, Robert Burns' poem To Haggis was read in old Scottish. Thank goodness for a translation in the program.
And yes, there was a bit of haggis on our plates and we all tried at least a bite. I think we were surprised that is was as edible as it was given all you hear about it. 

Dean accepting his award - although the gentleman next to him had forgotten to bring up the award itself so Dean thanked them without the award in hand.
In these pictures you see some of the Scottish regalia that was worn. These men are rather conservatively dressed compared to others we saw.

This is Phil, a friend and business colleague who has been in this country from his home in Scotland for less than a year. Phil came in formal attire. It was lovely to have authentic kilts in our party.

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