Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day Before Birthday

My birthday is tomorrow and I have been told that I knew better than to open my presents today. However ~ the sweater was in an Acorn box and I have ordered several dvds from Acorn recently and I thought I had them all so I had to see. Instead of more dvds, there was this lovely cotton sweater that Meredith, David and I had talked about but they were out of stock. David was determined though and had Meredith look one more time and voila!

Please, don't judge the sweater by the attempt at the selfie.
And then I realized if I didn't want to wait until spring, it would easily go over the cowl neck shirt I was wearing today. Again ~ voila!
Having seen that the first package was a present, I had to open the next ~ and there were the amazing New Orleans pralines that I love so much and . . .

. . . and this made me cry . . . a picture of Joshua, Meredith and Sam on the Creole Queen when the kids went to visit their aunt in NOLA.
Birthdays do not need to come with presents, and when they do they make me extra special happy! 

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