Friday, January 9, 2015

Crow on the Crossbar

Over the Christmas holidays we heard a lot, saw a lot about the Elf on the Shelf. Something that started out as a fun family activity has evidently turned into a major marketing event so that every child in our daughter's kindergarten class has one at home and she even has one in her classroom. Folks on Facebook posted pictures of their elves, some of which were a little raunchy. Funny, but only if there were no children around.

Anyway, being grandparents, the Elf has not come to our home. Back in the fall, before I was going to Ashland, a friend gave me a little crow to take to Crow Mother because the crow is her spirit animal. We did not get to make the trip and the crow sat on the counter . . . and sat and sat. The counter became crowded, the crow got moved around, and one day while the family was here, the crow flew to the crossbar that holds our tapestry.

And there he sits, watching over us, bringing us luck with very little chance of ever getting to Ashland. We love him too much where he is. And unlike the Elf, he gets to stay all year.

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