Thursday, January 8, 2015


We have all received them. Maybe you have even sent them or passed them on. Those posts or emails that promise if you pass it on the angels will bless you - or the universe will provide - or something wonderful will happen. Usually you have to repost or resend within minutes or a day and to a certain number of people for it to work. I have received them and in all honesty, if things were low in my life, I have been tempted to repost or send them on just to see what would happen. But I never have. 

So, my question is this: have you ever seen a follow up post from anyone saying, “I did it and within 24 or 48 hours . . . I inherited a fortune, won the lottery, my best friend was cured of cancer, I got my dream job . . .or Any indication that the post worked?????? No ~ neither have I. And if you have, please, let me know. I know I haven’t. If you have or if it happened to you, say so. I really would be interested. I don’t want my obvious skepticism to be the last word here. Thanks for your input. ~ with blessings (which I believe come to us through each other and the Divine without post-it manipulation)


Grandma Carol said...

I still remember from my childhood (100+ years ago) one of my relatives showing me a chain letter and telling me never to respond to one of those. It stuck!

Tahoe Mom said...

Absolutely, Carol! My experience too. I have a friend who is against school bullying who received a post that made it sound like she was going to be bullied if she didn't repost it. *sigh*