Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Half Moon Bay

We are staying at the Ritz at Half Moon Bay. The Ritz is all it is meant to be: elegant, gracious, helpful. They hire amazing people and we are treated with amazing hospitality. This Ritz comes with a difference though. It is the Ritz At Half Moon Bay. Wow.

We have a room with fire pit on the terrace.

Sunrise from our room.

The hotel and terrace. The stairs come down to right beside our terrace.

The hotel from its level.

The hotel seen from beach level.

Thanks to a friendly native, I learned that these were built to support a restaurant.
A landslide brought a change in plans and the pylons still stand in Roman ruin fashion.

Pelican Rock ~ a feature of almost every beach on the California coast.

Land slides still happen. "Last week" according to my friendly native, this pile of rock came down after the huge rain storm. She walks the beach with her dog every morning and knows the changes and would rather her dog walk closer to the ocean than the cliff. In 20 years the hotel is expected to be right on the edge. Until then, I am enjoying the beach and the cliffs and heeding the warning signs to stay away from the edge.

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