Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blessings with a Grin

You have seen this Advent table several times this season. Today there is something new added. As I stood looking at it rather wistfully (I'm taking down decorations today), I noticed an addition. Do you see it? It is what happens when diaper wearing folks are in the house. And it made me think again of the nativities we see.

Because the Holy Family is, well ~ holy ~ we have taken the manger and sterilized it, made the middle eastern Jewish family into Renaissance Italians, and smoothed over any sense of what giving birth really means. But today there is baby powder in the nursery, a sign that just maybe God incarnate really means just that: God in human, really human, form. A baby with all the basic needs of a baby, comfort, food, warmth, hugs, love, caring who grows into a very human man who knows our needs for all of those same things and teaches us to love each other. 

May your Christmas blessings continue.

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