Thursday, June 26, 2014

Donut Peaches

These, my friends, are Donut Peaches ~ so named for their look.

This picture shows how flat they are compared to a regular round peach. 
The seed is tiny, about the size of a round finger nail.
The taste - ah the taste - and here we come to the inadequacies of the internet - 
the taste is sweet and delicious and better than any peach I have ever eaten. 
~ and yummy. 
They are white peaches but have a different flavor than the regular white peach. 
And so easy to eat. I have never seen them before and suddenly a vendor at
our Farmers' Market had them last week.
Summer indulgence. 


Mike Christie said...

We've seen them at our Framer's Market for the first time this year. Thanks for that!

Mike Christie said...

ARGH! What an embarrassing typo!

Tahoe Mom said...

First time for us too obviously. Oh, Mike, given some of the typos and autocorrects I have seen both on FB and even on my own phone, that is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am learning to read meaning. Hmmmm - what would a framers' market look like, I wonder? ;)

Mike Christie said...

We have spent a lot of money over a period of years getting posters and my photography framed for our walls. So Lido Gallery (and a couple of other shops) was/were our framers' market. Now we're out of wall space, and I'm focusing on writing rather than photography. As for our local farmers' market, there were no donut peaches to be seen today.