Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fried Fish Dinner

Fried sole, zucchini and hush puppies straight off our grill thanks to Dean!

On the plate with tomato and avocado salad with fresh basil and bleu cheese vinaigrette.
We don't eat fried food very often, but when we do ~ Yum!


Mike Christie said...

I haven't had hush puppies since we would go to the deep fried fish place (I forget what it was called, but it was on the west side of town) in Hemet when I was in high school. Is that a recipe you can share?

Tahoe Mom said...

:) Mike, Dean takes the corn flour batter for the fish and zucchini, stirs in a little of the egg mixture to moisten, adds some garlic, and fries them. Because he is gluten free for the most part, he used Masa instead of regular flour and it made the fish and zucchini lighter and the hush puppies delicious. I'm sure there is probably a "real" recipe somewhere but Dean just does this and it works.