Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thank You, Emily Flint!

Emily is a young artist I knew as she grew up in the church I attended in Virginia. Recently we became friends on Facebook and I enjoyed seeing her rather amazing artistic interpretations of all aspects of women. Then one day she announced she was also going to paint pictures of animals. I decided to have her paint a portrait of Oso for Dean. 

At that point I quit any contact with Emily on Facebook because I didn’t want to chance Dean’s seeing our connection and asking about her. I told her privately, but not publicly, my excitement about her engagement. So here it is publicly: Congratulations, Emily! May your life together be happy and blessed. 

I am now able to give you her website:

Her process is simple: send her a couple of pictures of your pet, choose the format you like and voila! A beautiful painting of your pet. Thank you, thank you, Emily. Our boy grins eagerly at us from the mantle now as well as from the floor waiting for his walk. Delightful! 


pricklypear78 said...

Thank you for sharing, Susan! And thank you for your sweet blessings! Oso was such a pleasure to paint!

Tahoe Mom said...

You're welcome! :D