Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Francisco Italian

It was a lovely evening with Tom, Aaron, Ben, Dean and me - you have to admit the odds were good in my favor. We went to Pizzia’s for dinner - small, loud, lively, and Wonderful Italian food. Veal Scallopini was the best ever!! We couldn’t hear a word anyone said and we talked anyway, practically yelling. Delightful. 

The whole evening was Such fun - even Not getting to attend the cocktail party: they were Very strict so when only Dean and Aaron could attend because they were the only ones who had signed up for the afternoon session, I sat in the lobby with Ben until Tom arrived. Then we all went to dinner at Pizzia’s - what a fun place. 

I was way overdressed for the place, and I matched the guys and of course my black suit and black & white shirt and scarf go anywhere. When you have fun and are willing to express your pleasure to the wait staff, you fit right in. Everyone in the front of the restaurant did everything from taking orders to setting tables, clearing tables, stacking clean dishes which were handed out from the kitchen across the counter by the chef. Even the “man in the suit” carried dishes when the rush came. And the little (and she was short) lady who might have been his wife or sister was everywhere at once from the kitchen pouring drinks to seating people to taking orders. It was an amazing, delightful place. And the staff was family ~ if not by blood by energy and fun and ability to make art out of chaos.

Oh - and we all got handshakes and hugs as we left. :D :D That was a first for me. 

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