Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life!

With her permission, I offer you two pictures that encompass the present life of my younger daughter. Her husband is a helicopter pilot who often moves copters from one location to another. When they are traveling for this purpose, she gets to fly with him rather than have to drive for hours to catch up. This picture is 7500 ft over Utah.

And when they arrive and the desert is hot and flat and it has been a long day, she grabs a brief rest where she can.

They live this sort of gypsy life as his company sends him to all sorts of places all over the country. This particular day included a commercial flight, driving, delivering the helicopter and then driving again to their final destination where he went to work the next morning. As many of you know she is a writer and so has the ability to travel with him and her lap top. 

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