Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Gardening

So the rocks pictured in a blog before last were just to help support the dirt that filled in the area where the garden will be. Yesterday in went two huge tree rounds and the box. The rounds keep it up high enough that if our knees can't get low, we (well, really he) can still garden. And the box will not be filled with dirt but with pots in which things will grow or at least start growing. It will be covered with windows taken from the house two years ago for a greenhouse effect and adding to our growing season. Again - more pictures and information as I get it and it appears. So far, it has all been free as the box was about to be tossed by construction workers across the way, the windows were taken out of our house, and the tree rounds come from a very dead tree that needed to be taken down. Dean is very good at recycling.

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