Thursday, June 12, 2014

Please, Don't Throw Me in the Briar Patch!

This is White Thorn. Its name says exactly what it is. When it blooms, as it is doing now, it is a white cascade of beautiful blossoms ~ which hide very, very sharp thorns. The dark place in the lower right corner is a tunnel into and through the bush which is located just off our deck. All our dogs have spent many hours with their noses in that spot waiting for the little critters to come out. The little critters have spent many hours in the safety of the thorns through which they can navigate with no problem. Yesterday Oso rushed onto the deck to surprise a bunny who took off under the thorns.

These are the remains of the first three little tomatoes from Dean's pots which are located right across the path from the white thorn. oops. Dean is going to need to wrap his frames in chicken wire very soon or else cute bunny is going to become a nuisance. Suddenly Bre'r Rabbit's plea and Peter Cottontail in Mr. McGregor's garden make a lot more sense than they did when I was reading them as a city born child.

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