Friday, June 6, 2014


So here's the deal: when you take antibiotics because you are sick, they have something to work on and make you feel better. When you take them when you are well and they don't have a disease to work on, they work on you - well, at least me - and make you feel ooooogie. Yuck.

I had a hip replacement several years ago and my surgeon told me I had to take an antibiotic one hour before every dental procedure for the rest of my life. The American Dental Association has backed down from this and I felt caught in the middle so went with my surgeon who practically shook his finger at me and said, "Take them. We will prescribe them."

So I do ~ and they are powerful. Two major pills one hour before a regular dental cleaning.

I learned a couple of appointments ago that I needed to take them with food. So yesterday I ate my lunch early, had a huge salad and cheese toast and iced tea. Had my appointment at noon and thought I was fine. Until about 3 o'clock when the oooogies arrived again. Horrible feeling. And I knew what it was and that it would go away and in the meantime, I felt lousy.

We had a little steak in the fridge so for supper Dean grilled me the steak, made roasted potatoes and I had a little ice cream afterwards. It was not a day to think calories or cholesterol. Sure enough about three bites into red meat protein, I was feeling better. By bed time I was fine. In December I think I will have the steak as part of the meal when I actually take the pills. This is crazy - and it would be nice if the dentists and the surgeons would make up their collective minds. For now, I will adjust and go with what my surgeon tells me to do. At least it is an informed decision and becoming more so as I go along.

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