Saturday, June 21, 2014

Look, Ma, No Hands!

It was only two and half days, and they were as full of life and fun and delight as many months. 

Lunch at Sunnyside included a balloon man and his amazing creations.

A chilly spell kept us out of the lake and into the hot tub.

Happy sisters.

Ready for a ropes course adventure.

Time to head for the trees.

Ready, set, . . . oh my, really? 
Turned into ~ 

~ look, Ma, no hands. No fear. Followed all the directions and 
Flew! Over and over again.

Three year old had to stay on the ground, but that didn't keep her from saying over and over, 
"I can do that" and wanting her own helmet.

Agile, 12 year old soccer player finds a variety of ways to fly.

Family dinner at the Bridgetender afterwards.

Phew! What a day! And all the family followed her example shortly after. 
It was a good visit to Tahoe.

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