Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Morning Prayer

"This day is Your gift to me. I take it , Lord, from Your hand and thank You for the wonder of it". Celtic Prayer Book (Thank you Libby!)

A friend posted this prayer on FB a while back and I copied it and put it in my journal where I see it almost every morning. Some how it pleases me to think of this day as a gift to me and as I unwrap the hours, new wonders unfold. 

~ I complain about the regularity of laundry and yet I love the way the clothes smell and feel fresh from the dryer. 
~ I don’t like being awakened at 4:58 by Oso’s barking at the passing bear and yet, it is a Bear, an amazing creature, and I am privileged to witness his ordinary stroll down his trail.
~ I sit on my deck and watch chipmunks scurry through the rocks and up and down the pines
~ Light patterns play across the forest in varying intensity throughout the day
~ Dean hugs me in the kitchen
~ My body works hard for an hour in gym and feels good afterwards

~ and on and on, the wonders unfold as I make my way through the new gift package of a day that comes afresh every morning. 

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