Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reason vs. Emotion

Reason tells me that the MAX 4 brand of amphibious ATVs is a good brand. The video clips and website show a nifty little vehicle in several sizes tooling around the forest, through streams and even into lakes. With the addition of tracks to the six chubby tires, it glides through snow. Reason tells me that with seat belts and helmets which all the actors are wearing, the vehicle is safe and secure, well-made and handy. Perfect for our property here in the mountains. 

Emotion tells me that I never want to be within 6 feet of one of them again and will Never have one on our property, never, no way, nada. Period. End of story. 

Some day there may be a debate. Right now Emotion would win. 


Ralf Weiser said...

Speedy recovery to Dean. Glad it was not any worse.
There is always a fine line between Fun and Serious - a very fine line.

Tahoe Mom said...

Ralf, bless you, there is indeed. This fun turned serious in a hurry. I will probably just let my emotions carry the day ~ if and when the debate arises ~ on this one. Not worth stepping over that fine line again. Thanks for your support.