Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother Spirit

Mothers and those who mother come in all shapes, sizes, ages and titles. First of course are our birth mothers, those who bore us. Most of us are lucky enough to have these women in our lives for a long time. There are mothers who adopt and who feel so fortunate to have a child and that child becomes their own. Step-mothers, literally step up, and have some part in the lives of the children of their husbands. 

Aunts and friends down the street keep a watchful eye out and once in a while speak the truth that even Mom herself can’t quite see or say. Of course grandmothers get to do all things with grandchildren that they couldn’t do with their own, like spoil them rotten. They also carry the wisdom of generations with them and will share that along the way. 

I have been blessed in my life to have mothers that fell into all these categories.

My own mom was delightful and had a real sense of what it meant to be a little girl.

My step-mom came along three years after my mom’s death and although I was married by then, I was young enough to still need a mom and I took her in ~ as she did me. She and I faced the adult life together and I learned from her wisdom.

My mother had 4 sisters and so I had Aunts - wow, did I have aunts!! Very special ladies every one ~ and I still refer to lessons I learned from them (cooking especially).

I learned to appreciate my grandmother as I became an adult and learned of her life. I do remember a peaceful spirit though and sitting quietly at her feet surrounded by love. 

Growing up on a neighborhood block of houses, I had a “mother” at both ends. Tilda up the street and Honey down the street both welcomed me in, played with me, fed me, and of course disciplined me. I also grew up in a close church family - and family we were. There were a small group of us about the same age and everyone at church knew us and took care of us in that “it takes a village to raise a child” way. 

Mother’s Day ~ originally created to rally mothers against war. Now a national holiday and economic bonanza for card companies and restaurants and flower shops. And also a time to say thank you ~ to realize that we are blessed with a Mother Spirit that pervades our lives if we will be aware. No matter what our age or theirs, mothers are there for us. Thank you. 

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