Monday, June 1, 2015

Christmas in May

Ever since I was a young woman beginning to set up my own house, I have wanted a small room (a large walk-in closet) dedicated to dishes. Christmas china on these shelves, spring china on those, fall china on others. You get the idea. I wanted to set seasonal tables with seasonal china. 
Years went by. There was no room in the houses and I had beautiful formal china and good every-day china so why did I need more? I didn't. And I sure did want at least Christmas china. 

One day I bought 8 dessert plates and 8 compotes with a Christmas pattern. Last December I found a Christmas tea pot at one of our thrift stores and bought it. All lovely. I certainly didn't need any more. Until I walked into our Hospice thrift store on a warm May afternoon last week. 

There on a lower shelf among the dishes was an 8 piece place setting of Christmas china. Dinner plates, cups, saucers, soup bowls, creamer, sugar, small platter and serving bowl ~ all for $18! 

I suddenly realized that I had room. Not a room, but storage room with the Christmas things. When Dean's daughter's house burned, she lost all the Christmas ornaments she had brought from her mother's collection. We still had some things that as a young, single woman she had not wanted. Now with two little girls and her own home, they were very appropriate and appreciated. We took them to her ~ and I had space for a box filled with an 8-piece set of Christmas china. And all for $18. I am So happy!! It was hard to close the cabinet on them and I will be just as excited when Christmas comes and my Christmas china comes out of the box to help us celebrate my very favorite of all the holidays. Merry Christmas, friends - just a little early.

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