Friday, June 19, 2015

Citizenship Week ~ Day 1, Part 2

The title of this post should probably be "Food, Glorious Food" given that one way we celebrated David's becoming an American was by eating ~ over and over again. 

First of course there was the joy of the fact. 
David is now an American.
As we left the crowd, saying 'congratulations' to everyone we saw with a certificate in their hand, we headed for Concord.

Concord, where the shot heard 'round the world started the whole revolutionary thing.
We lunched at a lovely cheese and wine place and David chose several delicious cheeses for us to take home and enjoy later.

After a nap and a few minutes of just being, we headed out to dinner.

Fun! Excitement! Joy! and the love of each other just pours from these two even when they don't know the picture is being taken.

David enjoys a card made especially for their "American uncle" (Trinity's phrase) by Akira and Trinity.

We ate the all-American dinner of STEAK! And yes, that is a 24 oz steak in front of David. 
We all ate on it the next day as well.

Seeing David's boutonniere, Greg, our waiter, asked if we were celebrating anything and we of course told him. He shook David's hand and expressed congratulations. He brought David's steak first, explaining that he usually brought the ladies' dinners first but tonight David was the center of attention. We agreed. After dinner Meredith and I ordered dessert, David a flight of Scotch. Greg brought David dessert anyway with the word of the day written around the plate. 

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